Fashion Police! Who's Guilty Of Some Serious Pattern Crimes?

Wearing patterns and pulling it of can be quite difficult sometimes. In cases like these we usually turn to our favorite fashionistas to gain inspiration, but sometimes even they can make some big mistakes. We've turned the fashion police loose to investigate celebs like Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie! Click on the pics and find out who's guilty and who's not guilty of some serious pattern crimes!
Kourtney Kardashian blue terrible jumpsuit with purple flowers
Miley Cyrus' dress is way over the top with both leopard and flower prints. She's definitely GUILTY!
Miley Cyrus green leopard flower pattern dress
Why can't people dress age appropriate? Not only does Rachel Bilson look like an old lady, she looks like a tasteless old lady. Sorry Rach, but you're GUILTY!
Rachel Bilson red flower printed blouse red pants black purse
Fashion princess Nicole Richie hardly ever does wrong. We love this pretty dress. What else is there to say than NOT GUILTY!
Lea Michele green and nude dress
Ugh! We absolutely hate this! Kourtney Kardashian, you're beyond GUILTY!
Jessica Szohr black and white pattern jumpsuit ugly
One of Vanessa Hudgens finest moments was in this bohemian maxi dress. Love the soft colors and her short haircut. NOT GUILTY!
Vanessa Hudgens pink and grey maxi dress
It's not easy to pull a dress like this of but Alexa Chung did. Follow her lead and style you're pattern dress with simple black accessories. Definitely NOT GUILTY!
Lauren Conrad black flower printed dress pink lips black belt
It looks like Lea Michelle took some leaves and randomly glued them on to her dress. GUILTY!
Alexa Chung, white flowerprinted dress
From the rock chic belt to the Pink lips, Lauren Conrad got it all right. NOT GUILTY!
Nicole Richie purple dress with light blue flowers
We can't understand how anyone would ever walk through their door, wearing this. Jessica Szohr, we find you GUILTY!
Pixie Lott black grey, white pattern dress
Pixie Lott also went for a black and white pattern. This pattern is super elegant, we love it. Pixie is NOT GUILTY!
Published Dec 10 2011 3:05 PM
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