Color Of The Day! Yellow!

We love colorful outfits and so do these Cool celebrities! Lady Gaga looks fierce in everything, pretty Jessie J wears a fun leopard print, and we die for Vanessa Hudges glamorous Red Carpet dress! Yellow is perfect way to welcome summer!
Jessie J leopard taight print dress red lips black curly short hair
Wow Vanessa Hudgens! We adore your dress.
Kanya King yellow jacket blad handbag gold bracelets curly black hair
British media profile, Kanya King, wearing a fun yellow jacket.
Mischa Barton arriving at Mahiki club wearing a yellow skirt with matching high heels
Mother Monster is stunning as always.
Lady Gaga yelow dress long grey hair sunglasses fake nails
Mischa Barton arriving at a club in Hollywood.
Vanessa Hudgens yellow long dress black curly short hair clutch bag
Cool print Jessie J!
Amber Rose tattoos taight yellow dress red nails red lips short hair
Amber Rose is a classy and strong woman.
Nicole Scherzinger taight yellow dress with silver stones long black hair
Nicole Scherzinger has got a glittery number on!
Elizabeth Banks bare back yellow long dress blonde hair
What fabulous back! Well done Elizabeth Banks!
January Jones yellow dress red lips short blonde hair
Is it a bee? No, it's January Jones!
Solange Knowles taight yellow dress silver clutch black afro hair
Solange Knowles is hot hot hot!
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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