Celebs Turning Their Back On You!

Friday 6:04 PM, 23/09/2011
Celebs Turning Their Back On You!

You know those dresses that just seem boring at the first look but then the celeb turns around and…Wow! The back of the dress turns out to be amazing! We love those sort of dresses! The idea of keeping it simple in the front and then surprise with an open back is both fun and super hot! We mean, having a super deep cleavage and showing all your front "business" is starting to get a bit old and to be honest, we think the stars like to take every opportunity they get to do the sexy “look over the shoulder“ pose!

Check out our gallery of dresses with open backs worn by Vanessa Hudgens and Whitney Port among others!

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Glittergirl(non member) 1
30/09/2011 5:07 AM
Vanessa looks like she iced her hair with a
buttter knife and look at kristins feet! Ew

nyunyipineda (Posh24 member) 2
05/10/2011 5:42 PM
you all dont have taste get it? taste

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