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Posh Picks! Must-Haves For Your Make Up Bag!

Friday 2:12 AM, 28/10/2011
Lauren Conrad knows that lipstick can make or break a look! Shay Mitchell used a peachy blush as an eyeshadow! Kate Winslet lets her flawless skin glow and keeps those eyebrows really sharp! Whitney Port has an amazing smile, just add some Vaseline on top of your lipstick to get the same look! Beyonce's blush looks great! Hayden Panettiere always puts some white pearly eyeshadow on the inner corner of her eyes! Kim Kardashian does smokey eyes with a great mascara! Ashley Greene looks great with that bronzey color on her lids! Look how flawless Rebecca Romijn looks! Cute Kaley Cuoco uses a great eyeliner to make her eyes really pop!
Up until recently our make up bag was over flowing, we could barely close it! Well, we just did a major overhaul and decided to keep only 8 items! Most make up can double duty as something else, like blush as eyeshadow or bronzing powder to help fill in your eyebrows! Check out the eight items we've decided to keep, hopefully it will inspire you to do the same!

1. Peach blush used as both blush and eyeshadow.
2. Bronzing powder for eyebrow powder and contouring.
3. A matte brown eyeshadow to use as a shadow, contouring, and eyeliner.
4. A whites shimmery eyeshadow, to use as eyeshadow, highlighter, and for the inner corner of your eye to help you look more awake!
5. Vaseline can be used as a primer for your eyeshadows, or as a highlighter for your cheeks, or just for your lips and dry nail beds.
6. A good black mascara! You can dip your angle brush in it and use it as an eyeliner if you don't have one!
7. Red lipstick is great for when you're in a hurry. It's the perfect shade for any occasion!
8. A great concealer for tired circles under your eyes and problem areas!
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Sweater Weather Special! Kate Bosworth's Top 6 Sweaters!

Monday 6:11 PM, 24/10/2011
02. Once again Kate masters the casual chic look with a bright red sweater, boyfriend jeans, and a pair of oxford shoes. Love! 03. We love this peach boatneck sweater with the leather belt and pale blue jeans! Her moccasins are also super cute! 04. A great tip to bring your summer wardrobe into Fall is by throwing on a sweater over a cute summery dress! Just add a pair of tights if it gets really cold! We think that Kate's motorcycle boots are perfect for any season! 05. Kate loves this sweater and we do too! We like her jean skirt and suede booties, perfect for a day of running errands! 06. Sweatshirts are really in this season and we love Kate's short sleeved version with the jean vest. We also love her graphic printed skirt! We just not crazy about her shoes, her black motorcycle boots would look so much better!
It's that time of year! Our mornings are super chilly and our nights are even colder, so it's time to get out all of our favorite cozy sweaters! We're huge fans of Kate Bosworth's casual style, she always looks so chic! We've noticed that Kate wears some of the best sweaters, click on the pics to see Kate's top six sweater weather looks!
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The Secret to Rihanna's Tough Chic Style!

Saturday 9:17 AM, 22/10/2011
Once again, Rihanna wows us with her street style! We really love her houndstooth vest, red lips, and black Louboutin booties! The secret to Rihana's style? Mix glamorous red lips with a pair of black boots, and you'll look as great as Rihanna!
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This Week's Style Tip: Gloves= Glam!

Thursday 9:12 PM, 20/10/2011
These black leather gloves are very Lady Gaga! We love these short white gloves, they look amazing! You can never go wrong with these elegant, short black leather gloves. She looks super chic! White gloves are hard to keep white... but they look good! We looove the bracelet over the long black leather glove!
It's that time of year: to shake out your coat, scarf, and gloves! We love leather gloves and so do celebs like Lady Gaga, we always spot her in a pair of super stylish gloves- they can really make an outfit! Whether they're short or long, leather gloves will give any outfit instant style! We did some digging and found some great leather gloves! We love these camel colored gloves over at ASOS. And for a little more flair try these leopard printed gloves or these hot pink ones! Click on the pics and be inspired by the most glamorous celebrity we know, Lady Gaga!
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Trend Alert: Nicole Richie Rocks the Kimono!

Friday 4:11 PM, 07/10/2011
We want Nicky Hilton's kimono jacket! Nicole Richie! Kimora Lee Simmons is looking good! We looove this kimono inspired jacket from the Anna Sui show at New York Fashion Week s/s 2012! Here's a lovely kimono jacket from Nicole's fashion collection, Winter Kate! We love it!
Picture: from Nicole Richie
One of the hottest trends this Fall is the kimono jacket! We've seen it on all the runways at New York Fashion Week and again at Paris Fashion Week! And the best news is that the kimono jacket is predicted to be one of spring's hottest trends! So get one now! Celebs like Nicole Richie started this trend by adding a boho-chic flare and we just love it!

We did some snooping and we found some amazing kimono jackets at ASOS here and here! And we also spotted a cute one in H&M's fall collection!
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Orange to Grey: Fall's Hottest Colors!

Thursday 8:05 PM, 06/10/2011
Stone: Who said grey was a boring color? It can't be since we spotted it at Chanel and Alexander Wang's fashion shows. Plus, Charlize Theron looks gorgeous in it! We love the various shades of grey in the same outfit! Yellow: Just like orange this is a fun color but should be worn with caution! If you're brave, like Olivia Palermo, you can try an entire yellow dress. But remember, yellow only works when you know how to work it! Burgundy: If you want to wear color but aren't feeling the bright oranges and yellows, burgundy is for you! A great color that's both elegant and easy to wear, just ask Blake Lively! Magenta: Follow the same rules as yellow and orange with this color. Kelly Osbourne is spot on wearing it with black.
Midnight Blue: A classic color you can never go wrong with! Just like grey, you should play with it and have fun! It's a great alternative to black! Lauren Conrad is a big fan of this color and both Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta used midnight blue in their fall/winter collections! Camel: A very soft color and the perfect neutral! We've spotted this trend on Jessica Alba and on Michael Kors' runway! Prints: Leopard, plaid, dots, stripes, you name it! A good tip is to wear prints with a solid neutral color, like Christina Ricci! Or, if you're feeling daring, mix several printed pieces together, but don't overdo it!
Some of the fall hottest color trends, which will you try?
Fall is our favorite time of the year and we love this year's trend of bold colors! Colors like orange and mustard yellow and dramatic shades of grey and stone have hit the stores and we're stocking up! There's a color and style for everyone this Fall.

We checked out the runways and designers like Micheal Kors and Alexander Wang have strong fall/winter 2011/2012 collections that make us so happy! We've taken inspiration from our favorite fashionistas like Blake Lively and Rachel Bilson, and we're already wearing dark shades of burgundy and citrus! Click on the pics to see what we're wearing this Fall!

Pink blouse: Topshop
Yellow dress: Topshop
Grey pants: H&M
Camel vest: H&M
Burgundy dress: Topshop
Orange bag: Asos
Orange skirt: H&M
Midnight blue ankle boots: Topshop
Leopard cap: H&M
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