Outfit Of The Day: January Jones

If you've been following this season of Mad Men, you will noticed that Betty Draper aka January Jones hasn't received a lot of screen time yet. And the little bit we have seen of January was her in a fat suit! You'll be relieved to see that January hasn't packed on any extra pounds but is still pretty skinny, even after giving birth to son, Xander Dane.

We spotted January in a crisp white shirt, floral skirt, and a tribal statement necklace. Her bright red lips and healthy glow finished off the look. This style is so easy to copy, which is why love it! It's time to dress like the stars!
January jones white shirt tribal necklace floral pleated skirt black strappy heels
Source: WENN.com
Copy January's look with staples you can easily find in your wardrobe.
Published May 2 2012 3:10 PM
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