Love the Skirt! Olivia Palermo's Top 10 Outfits!

Is there any more stylish and fashionable socialista than Olivia Palermo? We don't think so! We know that her wardrobe is huge and we're not surprised that she works in fashion. We just love her style, it's chic and modern, and has that special twist!

What makes Olivia's style so special is that she's not afraid to mix patterns, colors, and materials. It's a bold move but keep you head up high and you'll look awesome! One of Olivia's favorite garment is the shirt and she wears it to both fancy events, at work and when going Shopping. We also love the skirt because it's a garment that makes every outfit look fun, cute and stylish!

Here's a top list of our favorite outfits when Olivia Palermo wears a skirt!
Olivia Palermo purple shoes pink skirt brown jacket tan blazer green top brown bag
1. WOW! This is our absolute favorite look on Olivia! It's so fresh and we love white and blue together!
Olivia Palermo black short leather skirt white top black jacket black sequin clutch silver shoes
2. Runner up! Olivia is the master of mixing colors together. Light Pink, brown, beige and forest green - so nice!
Olivia Palermo black leather skort black tights black shoes purple sequin top black belt dark red bag
3. Like we've said. Mixing materials and patterns is one of Olivia's style secrets. Steal it?
Olivia Palermo blue frill skirt white blouse brown bag silver flats
4. So darn fancy! A black leather skirt is never wrong. Match it with a sparkling sequin top and you're gonna be the most stylish girl at the party!
Olivia Palermoblack top black blazer green skirt black tights black shoes black bag
5. We love the long and cute skirt!
Olivia Palermo gold skirt black tights black pumps black turtle coat black top black belt
6. Simple and beautiful!
Olivia Palermo greay top black and blue snakeskinn west balck, blue and orange patterned skirt brown bag
7. Olivia often wears a skirt that makes the whole outfit, like this golden one.
Olivia Palermo black top dark blue skirt black shoes
8. Nice with a pop of color!
Olivia Palermo pink dotted long skirt brown belt white top fur vest leopard shoes
9. The shorter leather skirt is also a favorite! Wear it with flats to get that casual look!
Olivia Palermo white nitted shirt brown belt blue and white long skirt black shoes gold braceltes
10. On last place is this outfit. We just don't like the skirt, it looks like she accidentally washed it with bleach!
Published Jul 2 2011 9:03 AM
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