Kirsten Dunst's 10 Best Red Carpet Looks!

Kristen Dunst is an incredible actress and fashionista! We've spotted her on the Red Carpet a lot this past year and her fashion choices are amazing. Kristen really favors sheer and transparent detials, and we do too! Click on the pics to see more of Kristen's style!
Kirsten Dunst black dress blonde hair diamant ring
Black and white never goes out of style!
Kirsten Dunst brown dress red lips blue shoes
We love the sheer slevves paired with the dark, inky black.
Kirsten Dunst blue dress strapless dress moca black clutch
The transparant top is a perfect teaser!
Kirsten Dunst red dress zipper blonde curly  hair
The sheer, turquoise dress is super sweet.
Kirsten Dunst yellow dress blonde hair cannes palms
Yes, that's a tomato pattern!
Kirsten Dunst, white dress pink lips headband
Mustard yellow isn't for everyone, but it looks great on Kirsten!
Kirsten Dunst purple dress blonde hair black shoes
What a beautiful pattern!
Kirsten Dunst silver dress big earrings black shoes
This deep purple looks lovely on Kirsten.
Kirsten Dunst black dress clack shoes ponytail
We love the cloud-like skirt and silver bust combo.
Kirsten Dunst white dress black clutch red lips blonde hair moca
The sheer skirt of this dress is so on trend!
Published Feb 1 2012 8:04 PM
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