Hollywood's Biggest Fashionistos!

We love a well dressed man! And since we always we talk about our favorite fashionistas, we thought it was about time to turn the spotlight to the boys! The fashionistos! Because nothing impresses us more than a guy who knows how to dress! It's time to give men like Justin Timberlake and David Beckham credit for their impeccable sense of style! Click on the pics to check out out Hollywood's biggest fashionistos!
Joe Jonas burgundy jacket grey shirt black pants sunglasses
You might think sport junkies have no sense for fashion. Well, that was until David Beckham came into the picture!
Zac Efron denim shirt black tie grey pants sunglasses
Oh, Ed Westwick! He's always sexy and has a great sense of style. We love his relaxed style with the unbuttoned shirt, but we also love him in a suit!
Johnny Depp checkered jacket grey west hat jeans
Robert Pattinson is awkward, sexy, and stylish, which is the perfect combo!
Robert Pattinson grey jacket black pants grey shirt
Kanye West is such a big fashionisto, a velvet jacket is a fun twist to an entire black suit. And who said men can't wear necklaces and bracelets?
Ed Westwick checkered shirt biege chinos
We love how Zac Efron mixes laid back with dressed up!
Taylor Lautner grey leather jacket jeans green shirt
Fun, cool and fashionable! A plaid shirt in fun colors, a pair of chinos, and Trendy geek glasses! Great job Tristan Wilds!
Justin Timberlake grey pants grey denim shirt leather jacket
We love Joe Jonas' new, older style!
Kanye West black velvet jacket black pants necklaces
Taylor Lautner looks casual and effortless, plus a little rebellious!
David Beckham grey suit black and grey stripped tie
Johnny Depp is the master of the bohemian look!
Tristan Wilds pink checkered shirt denim jacket beige chinos black hat glasses
We have such a crush on Justin Timberlake!
Kevin McHale red plaid slevless shirt white t-shirt jeans
Source: WENN.com
Glee's, Kevin McHale, has a very cool style! We look forward to seeing it more and more!
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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