Heidi Montag: From Cutie to Barbie!

You all know who Heidi Montag is, or should we say the crazy blonde from The Hills!? We love that reality show and have been following it since it started in 2006, and we've seen the big changes that Heidi has done to her look.

She started out as a fun, cute, and NATURAL girl that loved her life, but over the years, especially when she met Spencer Pratt (ugh!) she transformed to a Barbie doll, and we don't like it! Check out her transformation over the years and tell us what you think about her makeover!
Heidi Montag beige high boots white tank top grey cardigan black leather bag
When we first got to know Heidi in 2006, she was really cute!
Heidi Montag black knee long dress with long sleeves black shoes blonde long hair
Heidi Montag black dress cute blonde short hair
So cute!
Heidi Montag black and gold lace dress long blonde hair silicon
She didn't have the best style in 2006, but she looked young and natural!
Heidi Montag checked skirt white high heels white top grey bag barbie doll
In 2008 the transformation slowly begun!
Heidi Montag knee high black lace boots black leather skirt hot pink top blue bag sunglasses blonde long hair
In 2009 Heidi looked very different, but her style was still bad!
Heidi Montag white shorts tan top blue scarf green bag tan
2010. Hello Barbie!
Heidi Montag white shoes tan strapless dress silicon
2010. Heidi, have you had a butt augmentation?
Heidi Montag red strapless dress black shoes black clutch
2010. Watch out Heidi, soon you will look look like Michael Jackson!
Heidi Montag white shirt blond wavy hair natural
Heidi Montag white strapless top pink bikini long blonde hair
Source: WENN.com
2011. After a brow lift, nose job, chin reduction, botox, liposuction, breast and butt augmentation (and more!) Heidi looks like this! It's tragic! Did we say that she's only 24 years old!
Published Jul 22 2011 8:10 PM
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