Fashionably Fit: 6 Hot Celebs Show Off Their Fave Gym Wear!

It's Celeb 101- you have to be fit and hot to be an A-Lister! So stars spend A LOT of time at the gym, which can be boring day after day. So of course our favorite celebs spice things up with hot outfits. Click on the pics to see which celebs look hot despite the sweat.
Nicole Richie in a all black outfit, leather jacket and a red bag.
Nicole Richie knows that adding a pop of red to an all black outfit is the perfect detail.
Katie Holmes in loose black pants, grey hoodie and a grey t-shirt.
Katie Holmes looks relaxed on her way to the gym.
Kim Kardashian in black leggings, bohemian top and purple shoes.
Ashley looks hot as always in a simple gymoutfit!
Jesse Metcalfe's fiancee Cara Santana in a tight purple top, black leggings and a yellow bag.
Love this combo of a cozy white hoodie and grey leggings! Ashley does it again!
Ashley Tisdale in a white top, black leggings, big black bag and a grey cap.
We just love Nicole Richie's simple style for a day at the gym! Her scarf and bag really make the outfit.
Nicole Richie in a black-and-grey striped sweater, black purse, black scarf, hat and sunglasses.
Nicole's typically casual after the gym and hides her face with Sunglasses and a hat.
Nicole Richie with a white sweater, grey scarf and a dark leather sidebag.
Jesse Metcalfe and his fiancee Cara Santana are looking good after a workout session!
Ashley Tisdale in grey leggings, white hoodie, and shoes with blue laces.
The grey hoodie tied around Kim's hips is a really hot detail!
Kim Kardashian in an all-black-outfit, grey hoodie and beige purse.
Kim Kardashian stays Trendy in a loose bohemian top.
Emily Blunt in grey leggings, grey hoodie and grey shoes, with a blue purse.
Emily Blunt breaks off her all grey look with a large blue purse.
Published May 30 2012 9:17 PM
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