Celebrity Style: Kim Kardashian's 10 Best Outfits

Kim Kardashian is such a fashionista! She is always dressed to impress, no matter what! Kim has her signature style which is tight, Trendy clothes! Kim is not afraid of showing off her curves and if we had a body like hers we would wear tight clothes too! We've put together 10 of her MOST gorgeous outfits, both on and off the Red Carpet. Click on the pictures and have a look!
Kim Kardashian black lace maxi dress hollywood curls red lipstick
Kim Kardashian always dresses to the nines.
Kim Kardashian silver strapless dress split neon pink pumps hair back
The dress paired with the Pink pumps is a great combo!
Kim Kardashian red lace longsleeved dress black sandal heels
Kim Kardashian black leather longsleeved dress nude pumps black hair ponytail
Wow, now that's tight!
Kim Kardashian stripes maxi dress golden necklace black sandals black hermes leather purse sunglasses
Her Street Style is both gorgeous and comfortable.
Kim Kardashian black heels deep grey jeans grey tshirt black puffed blazer necklace black leather purse brown long straight hair
Kim is always chic.
Kim Kardashian black heels black pents black tank top turquoise blazer necklace brown wavy hair
Love the blazer!
Kim Kardashian turquoise dress black band black pumps brown straight hair
A very cute and sophisticated dress.
Kim Kardashian black pumps nude skirt black tank top black white belt black blazer black purse
Lovely Kim.
Kim Kardashian yellow maxi dress split red lipstick black pumps bracelet earrings
Source: WENN.com
Yellow, black, and red is the perfect colormix.
Published Jun 8 2012 7:17 PM
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