Celebrities Love: Shades Of Minty Green!

Have you heard that our favorite trend is pastel colors this year? Well yea, we bet, but we can't get enough of it! Especially minty green, we love the cool crisp color that looks more than awesome on any item. We've spotted celebs like Kim Kardashian and Lily Cole rocking all kinds of shades of minty green this season. Click on the pics and see 6 different ways to wear it!
Kerry Washington mint green maxi dress
Lily Cole shows her cute minty green skirt. We love it!
Lily Cole white lace blazer white lace tank top mint green skirt sandals
Kerry Washington wearing a faboulus minty green dress.
Georgia Salpa coral dress mint green heels mint green bracelet
Model Georgia Salpa loves her heels. So do we!
Jessica Alba white shirt mint green pants white shoes
Minty green pants are very hot, and Jessica Alba knows that.
Kim Kardashian mint green leather jacket white jeans white tshirt nude purse grey scarf sunglasses
Kim Kardashian wearing a minty blue leather jacket.
Kate Bosworth grey hoodie mint green maxi skirt sneakers sunglasses
Source: WENN.com
A minty green maxi skirt with a split! Kate Bosworth is so Trendy!
Published Jun 14 2012 11:02 PM
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