Ashlee Simpson: Rocker, Plastic, or Indie-cool?

Rocker, plastic, or cool indie girl...yup, Ashlee Simpson has gone through some major style makeovers during her many years in the spotlight. We think that Ash has had some kind of identity crisis, especially during 2006-2007 when she was turning more and more into her sister Jessica, with blonde waves, a nose job,and silicon lips!

Which style do you like the most on Ashlee? Click on the pictures to see her fashion makeover from 2004 until today!
ASHLEE SIMPSON platina blonde hair black tight dress black pumps
2004. Did you see "The Ashlee Simpson Show"? Well, Ash was a true tomboy with sneakers and black hair!
Ashlee Simpson light gray strapless dress gold belt blonde waves turqoise clutch black nailpolish
2005. Ash went from dark to light!
Ashlee Simpson black and blue dress straight blonde hair nose job
2005. Is this Jessica Simpson...? No, it's Ashlee! Doesn't look like the rocker we're used to!
Ashlee Simpson light gray strapless dress black nailpolish blonde waves black eyeshadow nose job silicon lips
2006. We think that Ash had an identity crisis during this time. Am I a cool rocker or a blonde bombshell?
Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz red hair gold dress black blazer white shirt black hat
2007. Ashlee got a nose job and got rid of her bump!
Ashlee Simpson red long straight hair black long maternity dress
2007. She's cute, but she looks like everyone else in Hollywood!
Ashlee Simpson-Wentz black jeans black flip flops white top black baf red hair black sunglasses
2008. When Ashlee met Pete Wentz she dropped the beauty queen look. Good choice!
Ashlee Simpson-Wentz black heels black tights black tight dress pearl necklace black hair bangs
2008. Preggers and beautiful!
Ashlee Simpson short blonde hair patterned maxu skirt black top maroon clutch
2009. This is how she should look like!
ASHLEE SIMPSON beige kaki shorts pinstriped blazer white and black checked vans white vest black belt dark brown hair
2009. Woah!
ASHLEE SIMPSON jeans white tunik turqoise necklac
2011. Ashley is cute in her blond short hair! What do you think?
Published Aug 12 2011 9:34 PM
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