Stuart Townsend

15 December 1972, Dublin, Irland
42 years

Charlize Theron
Stuart Townsend is an Irish actor who is dating actress Charlize Theron.

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Meet Charlize Theron's New Man!

Thursday 8:45 AM, 07/10/2010
We thought they would be together forever!
Hollywood super star Charlize Theron and her Irish actor boyfriend Stuart Townsend were together so long its hard to imagine her with someone else! It had to happen sometime though, as Charlize and Stuart broke up back in January.

According to friends, Eric Thal, a model and actor is the lucky new guy in Charlize's life. We hear they are both very low-key, close to nature types and that's what brought them together, they spend a lot of time away from Hollywood on Eric's farm in upstate New York. Even though Eric is not our type at all, especially compared to hottie Stuart, we hope Charlize is happy! (Source: Life and Style)
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Celebrity Hot Spot: The US Tennis Open!

Monday 9:13 PM, 14/09/2009
Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani
Amma Wintour with her famous friends Anna gets around! She stopped off with Charlize and Stuart too Jack Nicholson Justin Timberlake too! Love birds!
The US Open is not just a place to go and relax for a day watching some of the best tennis pros in the world in action! If you went down to the tennis at Flushing Meadows this weekend you could have done some serious celeb watching too! Everyone from rocker couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale to Vogue fashion editor Anna Wintour and Charlize Theron and her man Stuart Townsend were there in the VIP boxes!
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What a babe!

Charlize Theron's Dogs are her children!

Tuesday 7:12 AM, 18/08/2009
Charlize Theron's Dogs are her children!
She even cleans up after them herself! Aw
The Burning Plain star Charlize Theron has often said that she has no idea when she will finally be ready to get married and have children with her boyfriend of 9 years, fellow actor Stuart Townsend. Charlize says her dogs are like her children and she is completely happy just taking care of them at the moment. We spotted Charlize walking her doggies on the beach near her Malibu home yesterday and you can see she how close she is with them! She is looking as lovely as ever! Being a dog mommy definitely suits her!
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Love birds

Charlize Theron sunbathing outside her Malibu beach house!

Tuesday 11:47 PM, 07/07/2009
Charlize Theron What a cute dog! Stuart Townsend playing with the dogs ont he beach.
American actress Charlize Theron was spotted sunbathing outside her Malibu beach house in California as she watched her long term partner Stuart Townsend on the beach. Stuart played fetch with his dogs before going bodysurfing with a friend.
Tough life!
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Charlize Theron Ready To Be a Mom!

Tuesday 1:32 PM, 07/04/2009
Charlize Theron Ready To Be a Mom!
These two have been together for 8 years so its about time! They really seem like a stable, happy couple!
Despite the fact that Hancock star Charlize Theron and her boyfriend actor Stuart Townsend haven't been seen together in months, everything is obviously just fine between these two! Charlize has revealed that she would love to have a baby! Don't get too excited though, she also said there is in no rush. "We both want to be parents one day, but I've no idea when that will be." We think they would a make seriously cute celebitot! (Showbizspy)
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What's wrong?

Charlize Theron All Alone On the Red Carpet

Tuesday 11:12 PM, 03/03/2009
Charlize Theron All Alone On the Red Carpet
Beautiful! Wow those heels! Where was Stuart?
Charlize Theron is in Paris for the premiere of her new movie "The Burning Plain". She looked fantastic of course, but where is her longtime boyfriend and usual hot date, Stuart Townsend? We would have thought that Paris was the ideal place to travel together to? We haven't seen Charlize and Stuart together since November actually, could there be trouble in paradise?
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