Stella McCartney

13 September 1971, London, England
42 years

Lenny Kravitz, Alasdhair Willis
Stella McCartney is the designing daughter of Sir Paul McCartney. Was an intern at Christian Lacroix when she was only 15. Graduated from St Martins College of Art & Design in 1995 showingcasing her first collection of clothes (modeled by friends Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss). Stella was appointed chief designer at Chloé but resigned after four years to start her own brand.

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Rita Ora's Stella McCartney Jacket - Hot Or Not?

Thursday 3:16 AM, 13/02/2014
We spotted Rita Ora at Heathrow airport yesterday, arriving back home after New York Fashion Week. The singer wore a black and white Stella McCartney jacket, with the outlines of faces embroidered on it. We figured we'd ask you guys what you think of it - vote here below!


Rita Ora's Stella McCartney Jacket: Hot Or Not?

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Top 6: Worst Dressed Celebrities Of The Week!

Friday 9:46 PM, 02/11/2012
2. Emma Roberts is pretty but boring in this raspberry red cardigan. 3. Old lady alert! Fearne Cotton's long leopard skirt combined with thick black tights... no no! 4. We are not so sure about this one colored piece Stella McCartney! How about a black top with the pants, or a pair of jeans with the top? 5. Are you even wearing pants Kesha?! We see something that could be golden hotpants, but we are not sure....! 6. M-m-m-multicolor with Nicki Minaj! Too much of everything. That's all.
Time to take a look at this week's worst dressed celebrities. Some of their fashion choices are truly... not that nice. Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj took the multicolor trend to new extremes and Stella McCartney is too dull in her one colored jumpsuit. Click on the pictures for this week's worst dressed celebrities!
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Celebrities Making Funny Faces!

Wednesday 9:09 PM, 15/08/2012
Amanda Seyfried must be very surprised... Staring makes you look scary, Cheryl Cole! Hey Katy Perry, are you sick of being serious? Are you really tired, Stella McCartney, or is this pic just very unflattering? It looks like Tom Cruise whispers something scary to Katie Holmes....
Celebrities aren't always dead serious, and sometimes they look amazingly funny on the red carpet and in their everyday life. We spotted Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole making funny faces to their fans, and we love it! Click on the pics for a great laugh!
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Top 10 Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

Tuesday 7:14 PM, 31/07/2012
2. What the heck is going on here, Kanye West?! Baggy leather pants matched with a tank top larger than a tent! We are shocked by this sudden change of your awesome sense of style! You look terrible next to your fashionista girlfriend Kim Kardashian! 3. Gilmore Girls-actress Vanessa Marano's dress is just a really bad choice... 4. British singer Paloma Faith has waaaay too many patterns going on there... 5. We know Stella McCartney is a fabulous fashion designer, but sometimes she doesn't score that high in her own choice of outfits. Too blue and too head to toe! 6. Another girl covered in the same fabric. We figure it's a little too much leopard, Gwen Stefani! 7. It must be a hot day for Kat von D who is wearing almost nothing in the streets of Hollywood. 8. Dear T-Pain, you are not a member of the LMFAO! 9. British singer-songwriter Rita Ora. We say no more... 10. Actress Tiffany Brouwer is showing off a deep deep cleavage and a transparent waist. Eh.
Hey guys, what went wrong this time? This week we spotted celebs like Kanye West, Stella McCartney and T-Pain, wearing to us, absolutely dreadful outfits! Well, if you think baggy leather pants, head to toe blue or pink cut off jeans are hot stuff- don't check this out. But if you think that sounds crazy trashy, click on the pics and see this week's top 10 worst dressed celebrities!
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