Get The Celeb Look! Taylor Swift!

Tuesday 9:04 PM, 21/06/2011
Taylor Swift is not only a talented singer, she always manage to dress cute as well! She is a big fan of adorable dresses and showing of her incredible legs. That is a combo that we totally love and it gives us no other choice than to copy it!

How to get the look:
- Since it's summer you can find a white dress just about anywhere, this super cute white lace dress is from Topshop and to add a little something to the dress, a thin,black belt from Forever21 is our number one choice!
- To completely copy the look, wear this black sheer skirt from H&M underneath the dress as a underskirt, just like Taylor!
- The shoes are just as important! These ones are from Topshop and they are sooo pretty!
- Finally, to finish this look, you'll need a great bag! We love this one, from Forever21 , cute right?

And just like that, you have this super, stylish look a la Taylor Swift!
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hate u bitch(non member) 1
22/06/2011 10:10 PM
f*** u

me too(non member) 2
19/09/2011 3:03 PM
hey tayler what r u wearing a skirt with a dress r
u insain its again the fashion rules u bitch but
uif u wont to take the name slut keep to that

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