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Get The Celeb Look! Selena Gomez!

Tuesday 3:01 PM, 03/04/2012
We love Selena Gomez's effortless chic style! Her everyday look is enviable! We really love the denim sleeveless shirt with the crochet vest- what ...READ MORE ▶
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Get The Celeb Look! Nikki Reed!

Thursday 11:06 PM, 22/03/2012
The beautiful Nikki Reed from Twilight brightens up the red carpet in her dress and sun kissed skin. With few accessories and a dress in the conti...READ MORE ▶
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Get The Celeb Look! Lo Bosworth!

Thursday 12:09 PM, 23/02/2012
Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port weren't the only ones who knew how to dress well on The Hills. We recently spotted Lo Bosworth and she has inspired ...READ MORE ▶
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Get The Celeb Look! Jamie Chung!

Thursday 12:09 PM, 19/01/2012
Jamie Chung rarely makes any mistakes fashion vise, and this time was no exception. With her perfect floral dress and tough leather jacket, Jamie s...READ MORE ▶
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NYE Style: Get the Hair!

Thursday 8:52 PM, 29/12/2011
For Jennifer Lopez's full, sexy lengths it's good to use some help from multi-colored extensions! These will create a voluminous look with lots of dimension. Add a volumizer for texture and hair spray for the smooth look. Blow dry the hair and brush your bangs out of your face with a round brush, to create a soft, sexy look. Anne Hathaway's red carpet hairdo is easy to create yourself! Part your hair down the center and blow dry it using a round brush. Pull your hair back and attach it in a low pony tail, and twist the pony tail into a simple bun. Let a few streaks hang loose and frame your face in a beautiful, bohemian way. Voila! Want Reese Witherspoon's voluminous pony tail? Here's how! Start off the look by prepping your hair with some hair serum, then blow dry your hair using a big brush which will increase the volume. Divide the hair in two parts and use 1 1/2-inch curling iron to get volume in the bottom layer. Tease the top roots and finish the look with some hair spray to get that perfect silouette. Gwyneth Paltrow's sleek, straight hair is so sexy! Start by parting your hair down the middle and apply a hair product with straightening effect in your lengths. Blow dry your hair and straighten one section at a time, after which you continue with the flat iron and a comb. Spray your hair to avoid frizzy parts. Done!
Gorgeous dresses, flawless make up and stylish heels - we all try our best to look perfect at New Years Eve! But don't forget to fix your hair. Here are 5 hot hairdos from our fave beauties, and great tips on how to get the looks! Click on the pictures to find out how to look Hollywood hot at NYE!
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Get The Celeb Look! Zoe Saldana!

Monday 11:53 AM, 12/12/2011
Whenever she's not walking down the red carpet, the Avatar beauty, Zoe Saldana's signature look is casual jeans and a simple tank top. We love it, ...READ MORE ▶
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