Stacy Haiduk

24 April 1968, Michigan, USA
46 years

Bradford Tatum
Stacy Haiduk is an American actress who has starred in numerous television shows such as Superboy, and The X-Files. She is probably best known her role in Prison Break as Lisa Tabak. Stacy Haiduk has also starred in the daytime soap operas All My Children and The Young and the Restless . When she was a child she was voted for prettiest eyes and best figure by her class-mates as a senior in high school.
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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 7:55 PM, 06/09/2009
8. To go to a party in a bikini is not too classy and if it doesn't even fit it's even worse like here with Angel McCords (Angel is of course the sister of Beverly Hills 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord). 7. Actress Stacy Haiduks black dress is ok, but why is a cat hanging onto it. Put her in jail! 6. Actress/singer Jessica Simpson looked really grave when on the catwalk for Ozlem Suers catwalk and probably it was because of this ugly black dress they made her wear... 5. Reality star Tila Tequila from A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila tries the loeoard trend, but the décolletage is too trashy and the dress too tight. What a fashion disaster! 4. Even if The City star Whitney Port is on her way to the gym, this just looks too trashy. Whitney has been seen in many ugly outfits lately and we wonder if her glory days are over? Maybe Olivia Palermo is the one to take her place in the spotlight? 3. We really like gossip king Perez Hiltons sharp pen but fashion has never been his thing. This is another example! 2. Everybody stared at AnnaLynne McCord at the premiere of Beverly Hills 90210 and we can see why! How could AnnaLynne show up in this crazy outfit? Fire your stylist! 1. THIS WEEKS WORST DRESSED
... is LMFAO artist Sky Blu! His turquoise, tight outfit makes us wanna cry!
Here is another top list with this weeks worst dressed celebs. We have laughed, felt sick and been horrified by the pics this week. We are seriously doubting The City star Whitney Ports sense of fashion and the sisters AnnaLynne McCord and Angel McCord are not much better. This weeks no 1 is a guy we definitely don't wanna see more of!


Who do you think was This Weeks Worst Dressed?

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