Spencer Pratt Compares Heidi Montag to MJ!

Thursday 12:47 PM, 27/08/2009
Spencer Pratt Compares Heidi Montag to MJ!

The Magazine goes everywhere now!

They really are so into each other!

They really are so into each other!

We all know love is blind, but for Spencer Pratt it must be deaf too! During an interview with MTV, Spencer said that his new wife and The Hills co-star Heidi Montag(Pratt) is the new modern day 2010 Michael Jackson! When the reporter reminded Spencer to be respectful of Michael's death Spencer said this: "Yeah but here it is, its living, like the holy spirit. like Michael Jackson's in heaven so the Holy spirit has Michael Jackson juice, so boom! For all we know, Heidi gets possessed by Michael Jackson's divine spirit!" We doubt it Spencer! (Source: X17)
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VanessaLover (Posh24 member) 1
27/08/2009 3:46 PM
hahahahah hah?

UM!(non member) 2
27/08/2009 4:08 PM
would he please stop brandishing that stupid
magazine around?!
They, in general, are just so

LadyM(non member) 3
27/08/2009 6:37 PM
Why do these idiots get publicity? Can't they just

DUH(non member) 4
27/08/2009 8:14 PM
NO COMMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fthrfckr(non member) 5
27/08/2009 8:24 PM
i wonder what kind of drugs he puts in her
breakfest... ;)

OMG(non member) 6
27/08/2009 11:17 PM
mmm poor spencer he doesn t know what he is
heidi possessed by michael jackson´s
spirit yeah right !!

A portuguese teenager(non member) 7
28/08/2009 1:12 AM
I think the most annoying couple in hollywood

He did not show for the magazine at all times
when it is photographed

heidi and compare to mj
nor the heels you arrive heidi

Melina(non member) 8
01/09/2009 9:28 PM
Is he insane?
You can't compare that wannabe to
the one and only Michael Jackson!
He probably
said it to get some more seconds in the
Atleast Heidi works for it, singing
and covering magazines.
What does he do, steal
her tiny spotlight?

MichaelJackson (Posh24 member) 9
13/05/2010 6:43 PM
You've got to be kidding me that talentless fake
b*tch compared with the one and only Michael
Jackson! He is so talented and her NOTHING.!!!!!

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