Spencer Pratt

14 August 1984, Malibu, California, USA
30 years

Heidi Montag
Spencer Pratt is known from the reality show The Hills on MTV. Publicly stated his goal of becoming a billionaire before age 30.
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Heidi & Spencer: The split gets nastier!

Friday 8:39 AM, 20/08/2010
Fame obsessed the both of them!
We still don't know if the big Speidi split is real or not but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt sure know how to act nasty! The latest in their ugly divorce is that Spencer wants to write a tell-all book about his relationship with Heidi and obviously he has some pretty horrible things to say because she is so upset by the idea of his memoirs she is threatening him with a lawsuit! How trashy can you get! The couple's divorce is said to be finalized on Valentine's Day next year. (Source: UsMagazine)
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Spencer Pratt: "I chose fame over Heidi"

Monday 12:26 PM, 19/07/2010
We are so glad they are over!
Every time Spencer Pratt opens his mouth he says something even worse than the last time! This time he is talking about his breakup with Heidi Montag. Spencer admits that it was, what he calls his "famewhoring" that ruined their relationship.

According to Spencer, Heidi wanted their paparazzi-filled life to end. She wanted things calmer and Spencer just couldn't deal with that. He says nothing is more important to him than being famous, not even his wife and that's why Speidi is over. Wow what a horrible guy! (Source: People)
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Heidi Montag: "I Want My Body Back!"

Thursday 11:30 AM, 08/07/2010
It wasn't long ago that Heidi Montag shocked us by undergoing ten plastic surgeries, including a boob job, a nose job, liposuction and a chin reduction. Since separating from her husband Spencer Pratt however, the reality TV-star is starting to regret ever changing the way she looked. According to a close friend Heidi feels stupid and is thinking of getting a make-under to try and regain some of her old features. If you click the thumbnails above you can see what she looked like when she first came to Hollywood and there is certainly a big difference! Poor Heidi, you should never change yourself for someone else! (Source: Heat Magazine)
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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Laughing Over Faux Split!

Friday 10:13 AM, 04/06/2010
Of course. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's latest schpiel was all a desperate attempt to get some attention! According to sources close to the couple both Heidi and Spencer are laughing at the faux separation and as Heidi's sister Holly Twittred the other day, they are not planning on divorcing any time soon. What a shame. (Source: US Magazine)
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The Speidi Split: Is it real?

Tuesday 8:51 AM, 01/06/2010
Will they do anything for money and fame?
As we told you this weekend, Heidi Montag announced that she is leaving her husband Spencer Pratt and is moving out the couple's home in Los Angeles (read more here). But then yesterday it was announced that Heidi is beginning a new reality TV Show with her friend and former The Hills actress Jennifer Bunney and the two girls are moving in together! Hmmm interesting, Speidi splits just in time for Heidi's new reality show? Seems a little convenient to us! We think it smells of the fake Speidi publicity machine - what do you think? Is the breakup real or just for the cameras?


What do you think?

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Heidi Montag Has Left the Building!

Sunday 1:22 PM, 30/05/2010
Finally! According to TMZ The Hills star Heidi Montag has separated from her husband Spencer Pratt after growing tired of all the drama he's been causing lately. Heidi moved out Friday afternoon and is reportedly staying with her friend Jen Bunny in Malibu at the moment. Good for you Heidi, let's hope this can be the start of something great! (Source: TMZ)

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