Sons Of Midnight: "Paris & Nicky Hilton Danced Around The Room!"

OMG! Australian pop/rock band Sons of Midnight only released their self-titled album this year but are already finding themselves in the middle of all the hot-spots. Posh24 sat down with the cheerful five members in their Stockholm recording studio (sooo VIP) - Paris Hilton, Jay-Z and the Princess of Monaco, these guys have a lot beans to spill...

"I met Paris Hilton in LA, she is crazy!" says Conrad, the lead-singer of Sons of Midnight. "We as a band were in America for six month writing music and I lived with a friend who shared a house with Paris Hilton's brother. We went over to Nicky's place, she and Paris were danceing around the room being crazy." says Conrad. Life seems to be treating Sons of Midnight good - what is the best thing about being in a band? "It is funny the things music get you into and the places you find yourself. We played at a royal ball in France, in front of the Princess of Monaco." says guitarist Matthew. "We felt out of place and were like 'let's drink champange and try not to f*** this up!' "

One might think that rockstars only listen to rock music but inspiration can come in many forms and part of being in a band is to take it all in and stay creative. "The music that we would listen to in the car is Lil Wayne, Drake and Kanye West." says Matthew. "One of my biggest idols is Jay-Z" says Conrad. No way! The band are setting up big goals for themselves as they work away in the recording studio,"We pretty much get to do what we want, no one is telling us what we can or can't write." they all agree. "Hopefully our album will explode! We are going for Grammys and number 1s all over the world." Small aspirations huh!

So what do the five Aussie bums sound like? Check out their Video "The Fire" bellow!
Hot Australian band Sons of Midnight consist of Matthew, Michell, Conrad, Peter and Maui. Yes please!
Published Sep 3 2012 8:57 PM
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