Sienna Miller

28 December 1981, New York, USA
33 years

Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hayden Christensen, Josh Hartnett, P. Diddy, Jude Law, Rhys Ifans, Balthazar Getty
Sienna Miller is a British actress and fashion icon. Once had a rather tumultuous relationship with Jude Law. Good friends with Keira Knightley. Is a fan of Chelsea Football Club.

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Sienna Miller's New Girly Look: Hot Or Not?!

Wednesday 11:06 AM, 16/01/2013
We've noticed how Sienna Miller's style has changed since she became a mom. Those bohemian dresses are long gone, and now she's mostly into floral prints and pink details. But what do you guys think, does she look amazing in her new girly style, or is it just a plain flop? You tell us! Click on the pictures for a closer look, and don't forget to vote!


Sienna Miller's New Style: Hot or Not?!

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Top 6! Worst Dressed Celebrities Of Golden Globe Awards!

Monday 4:17 PM, 14/01/2013
We have no idea what kind of statement Halle Berry wanted to make, but it sure wasn't a good one. It looks like Jennifer Garner's dress was just a little too big! No, Lucy Liu. Please don't ever show us that gown again! Rachel Weisz couldn't decide if she wanted to wear a long gown or a shorter dress - so she went for both of them. Bad choice! Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks like a witch or the evil queen. Not very good, in other words.
Sometimes we can't help but wonder how all these celebrities look like they've never seen a mirror before, when they have access to the best stylists in the world? Well, not all think alike, so here are the six worst dressed celebrities of Golden Globe Awards 2013 - according to us!Click on the pics to see them all!
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Sinenna Miller About Motherhood: "I Would Give Birth Every Day"

Sunday 9:22 AM, 02/12/2012
More babies to come?
Sienna Miller love her life as a new mom! The 30-year old actress gave birth to her first child Marlowe this year and would like to experience that...READ MORE ▶
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Why The Blues?! Give Us A Smile Sienna Miller!

Thursday 3:04 PM, 11/10/2012
Sienna, on the verge of tears.....
Sienna Miller takes a stroll through the West Village in Manhattan, New York City. But something must be up because she looks quite down, don't you think?! We'd love to put a smile on your face Sienna!
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Sienna Miller's First Public Appearance After Giving Birth!

Monday 8:43 PM, 08/10/2012
Actress and fashion icon Sienna Miller has been keeping a low profile ever since she gave birth to her little baby daughter Marlowe back in July, but now she's back in the spotlight - ready to mingle! Sienna rocked the red carpet in a cute dress from Alessandra Rich, kinda similar to what Gwyneth Paltrow wore at the Oscars this year, and she looked absolutely amazing! We've missed you, Sienna!
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Top 6 Celebs Rocking Super Duper Straight Hair!

Monday 9:08 PM, 27/08/2012
We love Gwyneth Paltrow's cute hairstyle. Nicole Scherzinger has super duper straight hair! Kim Kardashian is a big fan of having her hair super straight. Side part and straight hair, Jessica Biel looks amazing! Kelly Rowland.
New day- new hairstyle! Many Hollywood celebrities have their hair done different every single day, and they really inspire us! This week we've taken a closer look on all celebs having super duper straight hair, like Sienna Miller and Nicole Scherzinger. Click on the pics to see how they pull off the hair trend!
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