Sienna Miller

28 December 1981, New York, USA
33 years

Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hayden Christensen, Josh Hartnett, P. Diddy, Jude Law, Rhys Ifans, Balthazar Getty
Sienna Miller is a British actress and fashion icon. Once had a rather tumultuous relationship with Jude Law. Good friends with Keira Knightley. Is a fan of Chelsea Football Club.

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6 Super Hot Former Hollywood Couples We'd Love To Reunite!

Wednesday 11:14 PM, 20/03/2013
We wish Heidi Klum and Seal could find a way back to each other. Jude Law and Sienna Miller have moved on from each other completely, but they sure were hot together. We hope Jennifer Lopez ditches Casper Smart and gets back together with Marc Anthony, the father of her children. Katy Perry is single again, and we're dying to see her reunited with her ex-husband Russell Brand. Please, Katy? Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were hot both on and off the small screen back in the Gossip Girl days.
Hot couples come and go every year in Hollywood, but not many of them stick together forever. We've taken a closer look on 6 of the hottest celebrity couples every, that we'd love to see be reunited! Click on the pics and have a closer look!
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Like Mother Like Daughter! Celebrities Looking Like Their Moms!

Wednesday 8:17 PM, 27/02/2013
We can really tell who Hayden Panettiere got her pretty looks from. We bet Kim Kardashian will look exactly like her mom Kris Jenner in 20 years! Sienna Miller and her mother look just like each other! Miley Cyrus and her mom Leticia Cyrus might not look exactly like her mom today with her short platinum blonde pixie haircut - but back in the days we could've mistaken them for being sisters. Charlize Theron looks just like the woman that once gave birth to her.
Ever wondered where all these gorgeous celebrities got their pretty looks form? The answer is simple: they got it from their mamas! Some Hollywood celebs looks exactly like their moms, and it's really hilarious! Click on the pics and see them all - and believe us, you're not seeing double!
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Friday Hot Guy: Channing Tatum!

Friday 6:53 PM, 08/02/2013
Channing’s big break was being cast in Ricky Martin’s video, “She Bangs,” where he was paid $400 for a 7 day shoot! Well we guess that's nothing compare to what he earns now... He’s worked as a construction worker, a mortgage broker, a salesman at the cologne counter at Dillars, and a worker in a puppy/kitty nursery! Channing’s favorite childhood movie was The Goonies! He says he can recite every line - how impressive! For his and Jenna Dewan's wedding day in July 2009, they had a fairy-themed ceremony in Malibu at a private oceanfront estate! As they both love fairies, they had their flower girls wear wings down the aisle and their wedding cake was a magic castle full of mythical creatures... Wow! Channing says he likes to read all of his scripts he gets while soaking in the bathtub!  Now that’s something we'd like to see... As part of his role in G.I. Joe:  The Rise of Cobra, Channing’s character Duke was made into a Hasbro action figure! His co-stars, Sienna Miller and Dennis Quaid, were also immortalized in plastic.
While filming The Eagle of the Ninth, something went horribly wrong. A method that actors use to keep warm is pouring a mixture of boiling water and river water down their suits, and he burned his... appendage. (Which is now, thankfully, back to normal!!)
Channing met his wife Jenna Dewan on the set up "Step Up". Shortly after the filming was finished they started dating. (And are now happily married and awaiting their first child!) Channing claims his modeling career has helped him with his life.  Okay... So how?  He says: “It’s made my life, and my family’s life, a lot easier, because I never knew what I wanted to do and now they don’t really have to worry about me anymore.” Aww!
TGIF! As Channing Tatum danced his way to stardom in the movie "Step Up" in year 2006, he proved that he had the looks and the moves. We're totally jealous of Jenna Dewan to be married to him... But do you know the hunk as well as she do?! Click on the pics and read 10 fun and random facts about Hollywood super hunk!
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Sienna Miller's New Girly Look: Hot Or Not?!

Wednesday 11:06 AM, 16/01/2013
We've noticed how Sienna Miller's style has changed since she became a mom. Those bohemian dresses are long gone, and now she's mostly into floral prints and pink details. But what do you guys think, does she look amazing in her new girly style, or is it just a plain flop? You tell us! Click on the pictures for a closer look, and don't forget to vote!


Sienna Miller's New Style: Hot or Not?!

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