Sienna Miller

28 December 1981, New York, USA
32 years

Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hayden Christensen, Josh Hartnett, P. Diddy, Jude Law, Rhys Ifans, Balthazar Getty
Sienna Miller is a British actress and fashion icon. Once had a rather tumultuous relationship with Jude Law. Good friends with Keira Knightley. Is a fan of Chelsea Football Club.

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Simply Stylish: Black Always Comes Back!

Wednesday 9:19 PM, 03/08/2011
As we continue Simply Stylish, our guide to the perfect closet, we all agree that one of the key elements that every girl needs is a pair of black pants. Whether they're chinos or jeans or slacks, a pair of black pants can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

We love that black pants are so versatile and can be paired with pretty much anything! Fashionista, Sienna Miller, went for a pair of skinny black pants, which she wore with a simple grey sweater and red shoes for a pop of color! We also love wearing black pants with a denim shirt and a leather jacket! Or throw on a fun party top and you're read to hit the town!

Black Jeans: Topshop
Beige Leather Jacket: Topshop
Denim Shirt: H&M
Brown Boots: Asos
Black Bag: Topshop
Red Scarf: Topshop
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Hollywood’s Top 7 Hottest Homewreckers!

Wednesday 7:17 PM, 27/07/2011
2. Claire Danes isn't that innocent as she looks! She and Billy Crudup got together, only problem was that his wife Mary Louise-Parker was preggo! But that was not enough excitement for Claire, so she left him a short while after for another man! 3. Denise Richards broke up 11 years of marriage between Heather Locklear and Richie Samobra. That's not how you treat your best friend Denise! 4. Sienna Miller has had a troubled love life. She pretty much publicly dated married man, Balthazar Getty! The worst thing was that it didn't seem like they cared about anyone knowing. 5. LeAnn Rimes was cheating around with actor, Eddie Cibrian, while both of them still were married! They got caught kissing in a picture that ended up on the Internet! No one to blame but yourself LeAnn!

6. Bad girl, Britney Spears took Kevin Federline from his girlfriend when she was pregnant with their baby! Oops Britney did it again! 7. We think karma has struck Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Marc left a wife and two kids for J.Lo when they got together, maybe that's why the divorce papers are on their way now!?
Relationship scandals are overflowing in Hollywood and we’ve experienced several really ugly break ups! We always get the juicy gossip about why, how, and when the relationship ended….and who to blame! We've decided to crown Angelina Jolie as the Queen of Homewrecking! Check out more of Hollywood’s hottest homewreckers!
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Is Age Just A Number?

Thursday 2:11 AM, 21/07/2011
Johnny Depp is 11 years older than his French girlfriend Vanessa Paradis! It took a while for Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder to admit that they were a couple, maybe because Ian is 11 years older than Nina? Michael Douglas is a full 25 years older than Catherine Zeta-Jones! New couple Dominic Purcell and AnnaLynne McCord have an age difference of 18 years between them! Harrison Ford is 22 years older than his Ally McBeal-wife, Calista Flockhart! One of our favorite couple, Heidi Klum and Seal also have a bit of a age difference between them. Seal is 10 years older! Brad Pitt is 13 years older than Angelina Jolie The super hot ex-couple Jude Law and Sienna Miller had 9 years between them! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's boyfriend, Jason Statham, is 20-years older than her!
Some girls like their man to be funny or smart or athletic and other just like them... old! At least that seems to be the trend amongst many of our favorite celebs! A lot of female celebs are with guys who are waaaay older than them, and you know what? It's worked out just fine! Maybe it's because it takes a longer time for boys to mature than girls and girls are tired of waiting? Or they find it charming with the grey hair?

Whatever the reason is, couples like Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev or Seal and Heidi Klum are adorable together, despite their age difference! But what do you guys think, is age important or is it just a number?
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Are You Wearing Justin Timberlake?

Monday 9:05 PM, 27/06/2011
Gwen Stefani's clothing line "L.A.M.B" has been a huge success! We love Sienna and Savannah Miller's clothing line "Twenty8Twelve"! It's just as fashionable as the sisters of course! In the reality show, The City, we followed Whitney Port's struggle to start her own line, "Whitney Eve".  Nicole Richie loves jewelry and that's why she created her own jewelry collection "House of Harlow". She has also done a clothing line called "Winter Kate".  The fashionable sisters started their own fashion label called "The Row" in 2007. It-girl and fashionista, Chloe Sevigny, has made a collection for fashion label Opening Ceremony. Kate Moss has been collaborating with Topshop since 2007. We love that we can buy clothes designed by Kate to an affordable price! The collections are inspired from her own wardrobe. Justin Timberlake with friend and colleague, Trace Ayala, started the fashion label "William Rast".
It’s not uncommon that celebrities use their fame to live out their dreams of creating their own perfume or bag collection. Almost every celebrity has collaborated with a fashion label or shop, but some celebs have taken it one step further and actually designed the clothes! Check out our favorite celebs that have also worked as designers!

Maybe these celebs were born to be designers and not singers and actors? Which fashion label do you guys like the most?
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Bare It All With a Crop Top!

Sunday 12:02 PM, 26/06/2011
Rachel Bilson goes back to basic with a simple grey top and boyfriend fit jeans Wow, Erin Lucas looks amazing! Not everyone could pull this look of, but on Rihanna it looks kinda cool! Britney has worn cropped tops since 1998. It didn't work then and it doesn't work now. Leighton Meester shows that cropped tops can be elegant too! Sienna Miller dresses the cropped top in the best way possible-with high waisted shorts This outfit on Ashley Greene is perfect for a shopping spree. Ciara is showing off her cute belly. What were you thinking Vanessa? The feathers, face painting and strange fitting top isn't working at all!
Should we love or hate them? Actually, we're not so sure. What we do know though, is that the 90's clothes are back! Cropped tops are everywhere, in every store, on every girl walking by, and on every celebrity. If you're looking for the hottest trend of the summer, it's the crop top.

Crop tops can look really great, especially when paired with a maxi skirt or a pair of high waisted shorts. Sienna Miller and Rihanna have this look down perfectly! But then there are times when it crashes and burns, like on Britney Spears or Vanessa Hudgens. What do you guys think? Will you be wearing a crop top this summer?
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Top List: Sienna Miller's top casual looks

Wednesday 9:01 PM, 15/06/2011
2. Runner up! We love the suade shorts and the simple grey t-shirt! 3. Black and grey, such an awsome combo! 4. Stripes again! Pretty! 5. Sienna is classy looing in this pale pink blouse and black skinny jeans. 6. We love the jeansshirt and brown boots togehter. 7. This is an outfit that works during both day and night. The fur is really nice! 8. Black tights makes every oufit more fun! 9. Same fur, different outfit. Sienna knows how to use the same garment and make it look totally different. 10. Last place, but Sienna's still looks nice in a patterned dress, black tights, cardigan and black boots. Great dayoutfit and when dark comes you just take off the cardigan!
Sienna Miller is one it-girl that looks good in everything! It’s not the easiest to dress casual and still look fashionable, but that is Sienna's specialty and she always succeeds! Sienna can wear just a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt and look so awesome! So what’s her secret? Well…Sienna often adds something unexpected like shoes you’ve never seen before or a pop of color. Simple as that!

We’ve rated Sienna's ten best looking casual looks. Do you agree with our choices?
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