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Find Out What Vanessa Hudgens Can't Resist!

Thursday 10:30 AM, 12/08/2010
Lucky girl can buy whatever she wants! One last little look!
All girls have that one shoping weakness, that thing they can't walk past without just having to take a look and then always end up buying too many of. We spotted Vanessa Hudgens at Barney's in Beverly Hills and she just couldn't tear herself away from the shoe section! She spent ages in there trying on the latest styles and she left with her arms full of bags and even on her way out we saw her looking back one last time. We know that feeling V, we are shoe addicts too!
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This Week's Best Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 4:12 PM, 09/08/2010
8. Glee's Lea Michele is really starting to find her red carpet groove. She has been looking fab at every event lately and is showing us new and interesting things too. We think this acid-print strapless gown is really special. 7. Thandie Newton is fashion savvy enough to be able to play with clothes and we think this little outfit with the bubble skirt and hand-printed Tee is a whole lot of fun! 6. Kelly Ripa a bit softer is way prettier. This lacey flapper-inspired ivory dress is fantastic on her and we like that she didn't stick to the 1920's style completely and made the look modern. Well done! 5.  Model Lily Cole opened Gatwick fashion week in this femme fatale leopard print dress that was soft and super sexy all in one. The open-ankle shoes were a great contrast too. 4. Eva Mendes rocked the 1950's "big skirt" trend this week at a movie premiere and had fun with a high pony and pretty pumps. We think the sexy housewife look really suits her! 3. We knew we would see Katy Perry in animal print, it was only a matter of time. What a perfect match and she wears it with class, yay for Katy's more grown up look this week. 2. Cheryl Cole is all healthy again and looking fantastic. This girl makes every day chic look so easy. She just always knows what looks good together and what's hot right now, without ever looking like a fashion victim. That is why she was voted most stylish woman of 2009. 1. Gossip Girl's Michelle Trachtenberg hit a high note for us in this floral print. We think she accessorised it in a fun, light and boho-chic way that really suits her. Also how amazing does her body look in this style! Wow!
When celebrities get their style right they can be real inspirations for us and this week stars like Thandie Newton, Lily Cole, Katy Perry and Eva Mendes have done just that. These girls are rocking some summer trends and making them look timelessly stylish. Take a look and vote for your favourite.


Who was best?

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Holly Madison Doesn't Care!

Saturday 5:23 PM, 07/08/2010
Most celebrities who are spotted shopping at The Grove in Hollywood dress up in heels and moviestar sunglasses but not Holly Madison! In a t-shirt with the words "Boats-n-hoes" on it, knee socks and gym shoes with red laces Holly shopped with a friend yesterday and didn't seem to mind the paparazzi at all!
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Taylor Momsen Busy Rocking Out!

Sunday 12:41 PM, 25/07/2010
Taylor's stripper shoes, complete with one dollar bills in the platform! How cool is Taylor? Scary... Taylor flips the bird at the crowd like a real rock star!
While Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and the other Gossip Girl stars film scenes for the new season of the TV-show, Taylor Momsen is busy touring with her rock band The Pretty Reckless! Yesterday the band played at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in Florida as a part of Vans Warped Tour and as usual Taylor was barely dressed while she rocked out on stage! Check out the interview below to hear the band talk about life on the road!
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In the moment - clogs & denim jackets!

Thursday 2:00 PM, 15/07/2010
Kelly Osbourne looked cool in a denim jacket and pink hair that matched her dress! Rihanna looked more innocent than usual in this pink dress & light denim jacket! Kylie Minouge looks super fresh in this denim jacket & white dress! Nicole Richie looked stylish in a denim jacket & black minnetonka shoes! Miley Cyrus went for a simple outfit with brown clogs! Maggie Gyllenhaal styled a long denim skirt with black clogs! Kate Beckinsale looks hobo-chic in clogs & a gray knitted cardigan! Reese Witherspoon looks amazing in a printed dress and denim jacket We're not too keen on the rest of Sarah Jessica Parkers outfit, but her clogs are fab! Ashlee Simpson goes back to black in clogs!
The two big trends of summer 2010 has definitely been clogs & denim jackets, and as usual all the celebrity fashionistas have been quick to embrace the trends! Rachel Bilson managed to combine both trends in one über cute outfit that she was seen wearing the other week. We adore her look and her Chanel bag is just the cherry on top! We have to say that we're quite keen on both these trends. Which of the two trends do you prefer the most? Clogs, Denim jackets or a maybe combination of both?


Which trend do you like the most - clogs or denim jackets?

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Amy Winehouse Has Quite A Talent!

Saturday 10:33 PM, 03/07/2010
Well done Amy!
Singer Amy Winehouse has been in the game for a long time which, was obvious yesterday when we spotted her leaving a pub in Camden outside of London. Amy smoked a cigarette the whole way from the car in to the pub but didn't touch it a single time! She also refuses to give up her old ballet shoes for reasons unknown. What a character!
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