Shia LaBeouf

11 June 1986, Los Angeles, USA
28 years

Mary-Kate Olsen, Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes
Actor Shia LaBeouf started out as a stand-up comedian before he started acting. He has been in movies like Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He celebrates both christmas and hannukah. Shias favorite movie is "American Beauty". 179 cm tall.

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Michael Douglas Star of Wall Street 2 Premiere!

Tuesday 2:31 PM, 21/09/2010
Eli Wallach and Josh Brolin Tyra Banks Anthony Mackie Tyra Banks and John Utendahl Susan Sarandon Carey Mulligan Krysten Ritter Matthew Settle Moby Krysten Ritter Oliver Stone, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Shia LaBeouf Courtney Love
As most of you know, Michael Douglas is fighting throat cancer at the moment, but that didn't stop him from being at the big premiere for the sequel to his iconic movie Wall Street! Its called Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps and it also stars Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan!

Michael was definitely the star of the red carpet last night with his wife Catherine Zeta Jones and you could see everyone had a blast at the event, it was one of those party premieres! Take a look at who else was there and see the movie premiere below!
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More Hollywood in Cannes!

Saturday 3:22 PM, 15/05/2010
Josh Brolin The man himself!
The all-star cast of Wall Street Michael Douglas Shia LaBeouf, Carey Mulligan and many more Hollywood names are arriving in Cannes for the film festival. Michael and his co-stars posed for some photos today with their director Oliver Stone and as usual Carey Mulligan looked gorgeous in her special way. We can't wait to see who else arrives! In the mean time here is the movie trailer:
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Who Will Be The Hottest Star of 2010?

Wednesday 3:52 PM, 10/02/2010
Abbie Cornish is not only famous for being the girl who stole Ryan Phillipe's heart from Reese Witherspoon! She is also a pretty great actress on top of that angelic beauty! Shy and quirky actress Kristen Stewart shot to superstardom last year with the Twilight movies and now that she is such hot Hollywood property, her star will keep on rising in 2010! She has an A-list boyfriend(Shia LaBeouf), an Oscar nomination and some great movies coming out this year. We love Carey Mulligan's style and hope to see a lot more of her this year! Amanda Seyfried showed us she can do it all in the hit movie Mamma Mia! She is stunning, she can sing, she can dance and she has the acting skill to back it all up! Who didn't love Rebecca Hall in Woody Allen's movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona(you have to see this if you haven't) and she has a string of great movie roles coming up soon too! As if Johnny Depp wasn't reason enough to see the new Alic in Wonderland movie, here is another! Mia Wasikowska plays Alice and everyone has been talking about her ever since she was chosen to play the role! You might remember Emma Stone from funny movie Superbad, she is one of the coolest young stars in Hollywood right now, with that sexy voice and her gorgeous redhead look! Evan Rachel Wood played a troubled teenage girl in Thirteen, then a showed she was an interesting teen when she started dating Marilyn Manson when she was only 19! We loved her as the vampire queen in True Blood and next she will be on the Broadway musical version of Spiderman! This girl never does anything average! Anna Kendrick is not just that girl from Twilight anymore! She was nominated for lots of awards for her latest role in "Up In the Air" with George Clooney and we think she is definitely one to watch out for in the future!
The latest issue of Vanity Fair Magazine has 9 young Hollywood starlets on the cover! Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick as well as True Blood hottie Evan Rachel Wood to name a few! Vanity Fair says these girls are the hottest young ladies in showbiz right now, so we want to know, who is your favourite? Vote!


Who is your favourite?

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What's wrong?

Is Shia Getting Bored of Carey Mulligan?

Thursday 2:56 AM, 17/12/2009
Not so happy couple?
Carey looks less than impressed!
Whoops, did we catch lovers Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan in a couples fight yesterday? The two looked less than thrilled to be in each others company in Shia's neighbourhood of Sherman Oaks in California. Shia was frowning while he ate a sandwich and Carey looked seriously irritated and at one point even grabbed a hold of Shia's still injured hand and held it forcefully: that had to hurt! We hope they sorted it out, because we think they are such a cute couple!
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Cool guy

Shia LaBeouf: Back in the Driver's Seat!

Thursday 10:46 PM, 17/09/2009
Shia LaBeouf: Back in the Driver's Seat!
Shia and Carey wth Oliver Stone the movie director Carey is Shia's real life new girlfriend too!
After seriously injuring his hand in a car accident and losing his driver's license because of it, Hollywood cutie Shia LaBeouf is driving again! Okay its not actually for real, he was on the set of his new movie Wall Street 2 and shooting motorbike scenes with his co-star Carey Mulligan, but it must have been so exciting for Shia to be driving again! The poor guy has been having his mom and friends driving him around for months now! He looks cute in those biker leathers too!
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Excuse me?

Shia LaBeouf is a dad?

Sunday 9:59 PM, 26/07/2009
What have we missed? Shia LaBeouf was seen buying groceries at the Whole Foods Market in his neighbourhood Sherman Oaks sporting a t-shirt that said "best father on earth" despite the fact that he's not a father. Maybe he borrowed it from someone...but it can't have been the mystery woman who drove him from his home to the market and back. Wonder who that was?
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