Shauna Sands

2 September 1971, San Diego, USA
43 years

Lorenzo Lamas
Shauna Sands is an American model who used to date Lorenzo Lamas. Shauna was playmate of the month in May of 1996. 163 cm tall.

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Its Pumpkin Season in Hollywood!

Friday 3:02 PM, 15/10/2010
Rocker Dave Grohl and his little girl Harper WIllow Jessica Alba and her family Phoebe Price Shauna Sands Usher's baby boy dressed as a scary face pumpkin
Hollywood is building up to the big celebrations at the end of October like the rest of the world and in celeb land that means a trip to Mr. Bones' pumpkin patch with the kids, or if you are paparazzi obsessed like Phoebe Price and Shawna Sands you just show up to be photographed with your dog, ridiculous outfit and BFF! Take a look at which stars have been spotted having pumpkin fun this week so far!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Monday 4:03 PM, 11/10/2010
8. Just because something is trendy...we have said this over and over again! Don't be a slave to fashion and wear things that don't suit your body shape just because they are on trend at the moment. Both Khloe Kardashian and sister Kim Kardashian looked pushed into this animal print outfits and could burst out of their seams at any second! 7. Ok so Mischa Barton was at a vintage themed party, but that is no excuse to wear something sad! This black swing dresss does nothing for her figure and the hat totally overwhelms her face, especially with all that black eyeliner! 6. So we have been supporting Miley Cyrus' new cowboy chic look this week but here she got it wrong! This is just too much! The fringed boots, heavy detail on the bag, the shorts and the jacket. The open tummy and legs plus a huge statement necklace. We don't know where to look! Edit, edit, edit people! 5. We get that singer Colette Carr has a funky style, but we think she has just done too much here. First of all matching her hair with her sea-green and blue sparkly dress makes her look like a bit of a mermaid-human mutant and the pink socks and yellow makeup are just clashing in the wrong way! Points for effort though! 4.We have watched Raven Symone struggle with finding a style that suits her curves for years now and we don't understand why she still can't get it right! This dress is way too short and tight and is see-through in all the wrong places too. Not sexy sorry! 3. Amy Winehouse! What is the point of wearing a cute little on-trend leopard print mini dress if you all you are going to do is hitch it up your thighs and show off your panties? We understand Amy is trying to make a comeback and has been putting in an effort to look a bit more groomed lately, but then she goes and does this. Girl still needs a lot of work! 2. We are Paloma Faith fans,  she puts together strange and often wonderful outfits together, but every so often she comes up with a disaster look too. This is a mess for us. We just don't get this mix of styles. The Coat is hurting our eyes, the little sailor type suit with the top hat is just totally wrong! 1. Trust Shauna Sands to make an innocent thing like choosing pumpkins for Halloween into something cheap and porno! It wasn't enough that she was wearing the shortest mini skirt in the world, but Shawna just couldn't resist flashing her bright red panties either! Yuck!
Disaster week for fashion all around the world! Cheap and cheasy doesn't mean edgy and cool people! Its easy to take a wrong step on a trend, just look at Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian in matching black and white animal print wrongness! Oh and Amy Winehouse showed way too much in her leopard dress too. Ew!


Who was worst?

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 1:18 PM, 03/05/2010
8. The cheap look was going around at that premiere! Jennifer Lopez kinda looked like she had a black plastic bag wrapped around her body with a belt around it! Not loving the hairdo either, sorry JLo! 7. Singer Florence Welch went for a vintage lacey look this week and we have to say we didn't really get it. Again the shoes are fab but we think she looks a little too bohemian bride! 6. What was Jessica Alba thinking here? This style is totally wrong for her fab figure and the colour of flowers is just strange, plus she pulled her hair all back! She looks about 20 years older in this style! No Jessica, what a disappointment! 5. Another fashionista who went old fashioned this week! Whiteny Port looks frumpy and droopy in this floral dresss, nothing about this look worked for us! 4. This is not actually so bad fro Alexis Arquette! But we still can't say its great. The teased up hair and horrible gold studded pant suit, its all the worst parts of the 80's brought back to life! 3. We get what singer/actress Sophia Hyatt was trying to pull off with this pop arty gown, we just think its all a bit much! Especially with that dramatic face of hers! She looks like someone covered her perfectly nice dress with grafitti - and we don't mean that in an funky-cool kinda way! 2. Soap star Jennifer Metcalfe is so not known as a style queen and in this outfit its easy to see why! That floral bustier is cute enough, but look at what she is wearing it with! Boring oatmeal cardigan and badly fitting long black skirt, her hair is not workinig and neither is that necklace! Sad! 1. The queen of bad taste is back! Shauna Sands makes our worst dressed list almost every time she steps out of the house! This purple fishnet mini dress is no different from anything else in Shauna's nightmare wardrobe! Ew!
Bad fashion rule on the red carpet this week! For some reason no one knew how to pick something great for Jennifer Lopez's movie premieres this week, including herself! Stars like Jessica Alba and Whitney Port also got it horribly wrong this week and we hope they step off the bad fashion train really soon, we miss their gorgeous style!


Who was worst?

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The Kardashians are Beach Bunnies!

Wednesday 3:58 PM, 28/04/2010
Khloe Kardashian Kim Kardashian Shauna Sands What an outfit! Phoebe Price
Beach season is around the corner and everyone is already planning out their seaside wardrobe, especially celebs like Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian who will need lots of beachwear for all the summer parties they attend! The sisters attended the Grand Opening for Beach Bunny Swimwear in Los Angeles last night and we bet they got great goodie bags from the store too - lucky girls! Oh and guess who else was at the party and headed straight for worst dressed list? Check it out below!
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What a failure

This Week's 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 5:22 PM, 29/11/2009
8. We know what you are going to say, Leona Lewis is wearing Vivienne Westwood here! Look past the label and see that this dress looks a little superhero on Leona and the length is doing nothing to flatter her legs. Leona can do so much better! 7. Usually fashion forward Twilight star Ashley Greene showed up to her interview with David Letterman in this red pinstripe suit this week. We really think this Bottega Veneta suit was meant for a much older woman! It really does nothing for Ashley! 6. As Heidi Klum says "One day in Fashion you are in and the next you are out!". Last week Lydia Hearst was on our best dressed for a nude outfit and this week she is way off! This little cocktail dress has not been fitted to her body properly and makes her look more like a creamed cupcake than a fashionista! 5. Shakira showed us at the American Music Awards this week that there is something as too much sparkle and shine! We really think adding those sleeves in the same fabric as the dress was overkill! The knee-high boots weren't helping matters either. 4. British star Cheryl Cole may have been voted the sexiest woman alive by her British fans this year, but in this orange and black dress with its laced panels, she just looks cheap! 3. Singer Chanti is still young and a relative newcomer, so we can forgive her this little mistake. We hope everyone learns from this. When dressing for something like an Awards ceremony, its more important to flatter your figure than dress in what you think is the latest trend! 2. As we have shown over and over on this list, Shauna Sand does too-tight, too-short and tasteless like no one else! Here she is again, showing why she is such a regular! Oh and ladies, don't match your fur to your hair colour! 1. We suspected Alexis Arquette would make our list as soon as we saw her  out and about in Hollywood this week. Everything about this look screams trashy from the crazy fugly hair to the torn stockings, so not the cool way to do it!
Its been a quiet week in Hollywood with most of the stars spending the Thanksgiving holidays away from the spotlight. A few celebs couldn't help themselves though and just had to get just one night out during the week, so we did get a few chances to snap some fashion trauma for you to see, especially since the week started off with some awards shows. We were a little surprised with usually stylish stars like Leona Lewis and Shakira's fashion choices at the American Amusic Awards this week, what did you think? Here they are, the worst of the week!


Who is your worst dressed?

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This weeks best and worst dressed celebs!

This Week's 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 6:09 PM, 25/10/2009
8. Actress Raia Haidar was drowning in all this lace and satin at the Rome Film Festival! There is way too much going on at the top and at the hips! 7. We are so disappointed in Camilla Belle! She is usually so well put together, but with those feathered shoulders and the frilly skirt and white patterned lace, she got vintage really wrong this time! 6. Princess Beatrice looks like she was dressed up for an early Christmas party with that red skirt with white trimming, except she wasn't. This is what she wore out to clubbing in London! 5. We hope singer Katy Perry's taste is not slipping now that she is with bad boy Russell Brand! We really think this dress with its shiny silver scarf as a top, is a bit on the trashy side and that is very unlike Katy! You can do better! 4. Another cut-out nightmare! Lady Victoria Hervey gets invited to all the best runway shows and is friends with so many designersm, you would think that she had learnt some style tips by now! There is so much wrong with this look, we don't know where to start, maybe with the bralessness? 3. Song writer and charity fundraiser Denise Rich wore this very busy dress to the Angel Foundation ball this week and we just don't get what she was thinking! The more she stood out, the more people would donate? Someone needs to donate her a new outfit! 2. We all know Shauna Sands likes to show off her skin and her assets, so big surprise that there is a lot of flesh going on here. Just because you decorate it with designer bling like a Chanel necklace, doesn't make it classy Shauna! Fail! 1. Okay, just because you are going to a costume party doesn't mean you don't have to be stylish! Veteran actress Jamie-Lee Curtis has been on enough red carpets in her career, she should know better than to show up in a nude dress with some bright flowers glued onto it. This looks home-made, by children! We think it probably is!
This week our fashion police were as busy as ever scouting for fashion offenders everwhere in celebrity world and as usual the stars never let us down! In this week's list a well known fashionista makes a strange mis-step and a old favourite trashy girl is back on the list! Its no big surprise that Shauna Sands made the list, but we are kind of shocked at Camilla Belle and Katy Perry who are usually fabulously styled! Take a look:


Who is your worst dressed celeb?

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