We Love Men In Suits!

We love a man in a suit! Really, there is nothing as sexy as a man dressed to the nines! So you can imagine how excited we get when we see our favorite, sexy celebs on the Red Carpet! They always look great and incredibly charming! Siiigh, maybe one day we'll be as lucky as Miranda Kerr and on the arm of a hot celeb in a tux!
Eric Dane suit hot sexy sexy in a suit
Eric Dane looks amazing in a suit!
Leonardo DiCaprio suit hot sexy sexy in a suit
Blake Lively is one lucky girly to be with Leonardo DiCaprio!
George Clooney suit hot sexy sexy in a suit
George Clooney never looks bad!
Justin Timberlake suit hot sexy sexy in a suit
We think Justin Timberlake cleans up nicely!
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr suit hot sexy sexy in a suit
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr make one amazing Red Carpet couple!
Matthew McConaughey  suit hot sexy sexy in a suit
Gerard Butler suit hot sexy sexy in a suit
Gerard Butler may be slightly sketchy but we think he's hot!
Johnny Depp suit hot sexy sexy in a suit
Source: WENN.com
We love how Johnny Depp wore a white suit instead of the traditional black!
Published Jun 16 2011 11:06 PM
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