Vote For Sexiest Celeb of the Week

Ok you guys, we need your help! We can't decide who should be Sexiest Celeb of the Week. It's like really hard! Seriously, it's not easy to choose between Alex Pettyfer, Robert Pattinson, or Penn Badgley. So cast a vote and let us know who you'd like to see more of! xoxo
James Franco sexiest celeb
Siiiiiiigh Zac Efron!
Alexander Skarsgard sexiest celeb
Johnny Depp might just be the sexiest man alive.
Taylor Lautner sexiest celeb
Adrian Grenier, it's those eyes. Or the curls.
Leonardo DiCaprio sexiest celeb
It's Paul Walker's eyes or that sexy 5:00 shadow.
Gerard Butler sexiest celeb
Have you seen Alex Pettyfer's!
Alex Pettyfer sexiest celeb
James Franco is just plain cute. And sexy. It's a win-win.
Adrian Grenier sexiest celeb
Blue eyes, blonde hair, amazing, that's Kellan Lutz.
Penn Badgley sexiest celeb
O.M.G. Alexander Skarsgard. We can't say anymore.
Ed Westwick sexiest celeb
Have you seen Taylor Lautner's abs?
Johnny Depp sexiest celeb
We still have a major crush on Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic.
Jon Hamm sexiest celeb
Gerard Butler, rugged and sexy....and he can sing!
Kellan Lutz sexiest celeb
We love Penn Badgley!
Actor Patrick Dempsey sexiest celeb
Oh Ed Westwick makes us melt.
Paul Walker sexiest celeb
Jon Hamm is the hottest businessman we've ever seen, can't wait for Mad Men again!
Zac Efron sexiest celeb
He's plays a doctor and that's just hot. We love Patrick Dempsey!
Ryan Reynolds sexiest celeb
Ryan Reynolds has the best cheekbones and we want to date him, walk on the beach with him, kiss him, etc.
John Krasinski sexiest celeb
John Krasinski is so funny and has the sweetest smile ever.
Robert Pattinson sexiest celeb
Two words: Team Edward.
Matthew McConaughey sexiest celeb
Matthew McConaughey is our favorite Southern boy, his drawl is like, the sexiest.
Bradley Cooper sexiest celeb
Mmmm, Bradley Cooper is delish!
Published May 31 2011 5:08 PM
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