Top Ten Single Hollywood Hunks!

You guys know that we're completley obsessed with Hollywood relationships- we follow the every move of hot couples like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. But unfortunately guys like RPatz are taken, so our attention is now on the single Hollywood hotties! Click on the pics to see our top ten single A-Listers!
Ashton Kutcher hat grey suit brown tie hunk look
1. Ashton Kutcher always looks great, even when he wears a beanie.
Bradley Cooper black suit sexy smile
2. Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass from "Gossip Girl" is now single. He is amazing.
Jake Gyllenhaal hunk style brown jacket
3. Our viking crush, Alexander Skarsgard
Jared Leto jeans shirt black jeans sunglases long har ponytail
4. Taylor Lautner has abs of steel and a killer bod.
Gerard Butler blue tshirt jeans sunglasses bracelet
5. We love that Jake Gyllenhaal is single, he has both looks and fashion sense. A great combo!
Alexander Skarsgard handsome suit grey tie sexy look
6. James Franco is a real catch!
Zac Efron streetstyle cap leatherjacket chill style
7. Bradley Cooper is a great example of what a real man should look like!
James Franco grey suit blue tie handsome smile
8. Zac Efron was long linked with Vanessa Hudgens, but now he is single and looks great on him.
Ed Westwick dark suit blue tie blue shirt yellow napkin elegant style
9. "30 Seconds To Mars" singer, Jared Leto is one handsome man!
Taylor Lautner sexy black tee grey blazer nice smile
10. Gerard Butler has a rugged style and we think it's hot!
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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