One Direction Vs. Justin Bieber!

Friday 7:07 PM, 20/07/2012
One Direction Vs. Justin Bieber!

Beliebers Vs. Directioners!
There are hot guys and then there are super, duper hot guys. We've checked out Justin Bieber and the boyband One Direction a little extra this week, and we really love them both. But as we always say, there's a winner in everything, and so in this battle: the hottie battle! Who do you guys like better, Justin Bieber or One Direction? Beliebers and Directioners out there- vote, tell us, support your favorite and most important: decide!


Who's The Best?!

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hmmmmm(non member) 1
20/07/2012 8:22 PM
u know its a hard decision

24/07/2012 2:16 AM
one direction are cool good good singers and they
are going to beat justin bibber they are so so so
better than justin bibber and they are hotter than
justin bibber at the moment one direction are
beating justin bibber i love love love one
direction and i

justin bieber(non member) 3
15/08/2012 2:10 AM
i love justin bieber he is the cutest boy in the
world i wish i was 18 so i can go out with him he
is so freaking cute and i hate selena homez

Am(non member) 4
11/09/2012 10:36 AM
I love One Direction

Albelis Garcia(non member) 5
13/09/2012 2:25 AM
I Love One Direction , 1D Is The Best Band In the

ew(non member) 6
07/11/2013 7:16 PM
i hate both but honestly, justin bieber is wayy
better than one direction, they are just a fail.

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