Cute or Sexy? What Type Of Guy Do You Love?

We all have different taste in men. Some like the cute, boyish type with blonde hair and beautiful eyes like Ryan Kwanten. Others like the bohemian, hat and scarf-loving guy like Johnny Depp. And some even go for the unshaven bad boys with arms full of Tattoo just like Colin Farrell! Amongst our hottest male celebs, we can find a type for everyone! But we're interested, which guy is your type? xoxo
Pete Doherty preforming playing guitar blue tshirt black and beige cardigan black har
You recognize a BAD BOY from the unbuttoned shirt, the Tattoo, and the unshaved face! Just look at Colin Farrell!
Michael Cera checked shirt red tie red jacket maroon pants dorky glasses
Johnny Depp is a typical BOHEMIAN type of guy!
Ryan Kwanten black tshirt black cardigan unshaved cute smile
Watch out for those bedrooms eyes! Josh Duhamel is one SEXY guy!
Colin Farrell jeans black shoes blue shirt unshaved bracelets
We love the CUTE guy! Who can resist Ryan Kwanten's cute smile!?
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge black smoking white shirt black tie
Do you love the DORKY type, like Michael Cera?
David Beckham fotball outfit blue shorts white tshirt yellow fotball shoes
The ROCK STARS are famous for all their groupies and we know that Pete Doherty has many! Are you one of them?
George Clooney dark blue suit dark blue shirt grey hair
We would love to have a SPORTY guy like David Beckham by our side!
Johnny Depp beige jacket checked shirt black and green scarf sunglasses grey hat long hair
Katy Perry loves her SLACKER boyfriend, Russell Brand. Do you and Katy like the same type of guy?
Russell Brand trashed jeans black tshirt with red print flip flops black sunglasses long hair black bag
We all love Prince William, but is he too PROPER for you?
Elijah Wood ligjt blue shirt blue vest short hair boyish
Is the BOYISH type of guy, like Elijah Wood, your favorite?
Josh Duhamel black shirt unshaved sexy
Some like them young and fresh, and some like them older and MATURE. We love George Clooney, do you!?
Paul Rudd black suit white shirt black tie dark hair smile
A COMEDIAN like Paul Rudd can always humor us!
Published Jul 26 2011 5:12 PM
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