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Sexy Celeb of The Week: Ewan McGregor

Friday 7:19 PM, 09/09/2011
We love his style! The messy look is so HOT!
We don't know if it's his Scottish accent or his brilliant smile, but with those blue eyes and that contagious laugh, Ewan Mcgregor, has captured our heart! We love love loved him in "Moulin Rouge," we just swooned when we heard his amazing voice! And his heroic actions in "The Island" had us craving for even more!

Even if he's crying, laughing, or fighting the evils of another galaxy, Ewan McGregor is the sexiest man ever! Click on the pics to see more this week's sexy celeb!

PS. If you want to hear Ewan sing, check out him singing "Come What May" with Nicole Kidman. We love this song! Siiiiiigh!
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Hidden Hottie? Is SNL's Andy Samberg Hot?

Monday 9:19 PM, 05/09/2011
Well... HOT! Andy is a great actor! He looks totally cute, glasses can be really sexy. But this pair..not so sexy! Cute smile, Right?
We think comedian, Andy Samberg, is the perfect mix of slightly dorky and super hilarious! He's talented, smart, has a great smile, and is extremely funny! But is he hot? We just can't decide! He has all of the personal qualities to be our dream guy, but we're not sure if he is!

Help us decided if we're on to something here or if we should just move on!


Andy Samberg! Totally Hot, or Totally Not?

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Sexy Celeb of the Week: Milo Ventimiglia!

Friday 7:09 PM, 02/09/2011
Look into those eyes! He looks pretty sexy with tattoos! He starred in the music video "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie! Back in his "Gilmore Girl" days! He can go from dapper and clean cut to.... Manly and rugged! Such a cute smile! He's so hot!
Did you ever watch "Gilmore Girls"? It was our favorite series! We especially loved it when Rory fell in love with Jess! We had such a crush on Milo Ventimiglia, the guy who played Jess! He seems like a bit of a bad boy but also kind of nerdy! Later Milo starred in "Heroes" and fell in love with him all over again! We love his dark brown eyes, tough attitude, and sexy smirk! We think Milo is totally adorable!

Did you know that Milo has been a vegetarian since he was born? He also doesn't smoke or drink alcohol! Milo also likes to date his on screen co-stars, such as Alexis Bledel from "Gilmore Girls" and Hayden Panettiere from "Heroes." Maybe he could star in a TV show with us, heehee!
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Sexy Celeb of the Week: Paul Walker!

Friday 7:17 PM, 26/08/2011
Mmmm, we're missing the best parts in this pic! Wow, he's totally hot!
You might recognize this week's sexy celeb from the famous, Fast and the Furious movies! No, it's not Vin Diesel, it's the very, very sexy Paul Walker! We think Paul has this amazing bad boy vibe but he also makes us melt with his piercing blue eyes!

We live it when Paul has a scruffy beard, he looks SO manly but we also like him clean shaven. He looks good no matter what. Wouldn't you love to go on a date with Paul? We definitely would!
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Taylor Lautner Makes Us Howl!

Wednesday 9:19 PM, 24/08/2011
So cute! Look at that smile!
Is there anyone sexier than Taylor Lautner? No, probably not! He's starring int he movie "Abduction," which will be released in about a month and we can't wait! Will you see "Abduction"? We will, but only just to gaze at Taylor!

Check out the trailer for "Abduction" and let us know what you think!
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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's One Sexy Superhero!

Monday 3:35 PM, 22/08/2011
Tobey Maguire played one adorable Spider-Man! Andrew Garfield is set to play the new Spider-Man, don't you think he's so handsome? Are you a fan of Christian Bale who played the dark and brooding Batman? Hottie, Henry Cavill, as Superman! Would you let him look at you with x-ray vision? Ryan Reynolds played the Green Lantern! Yum!
Do you love superhero movies as much as we do? Strong sexy men who can fly, have x-ray vision, and secret super powers? We wish a hot superhero would sweep us off our feet, fly us to the moon, rescue us from the bad guy, and maybe kiss us upside down in a rainy alleyway! Siiiigh! Which superhero do you think is the sexiest? Click on the photos to see more sexy superheros!


Who's the Sexiest Superhero?

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