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Sexy Celeb of the Week: Jeremy Piven!

Friday 7:12 PM, 30/09/2011
Jeremy, you have a great style! He looks soo hot in this pic!
We just love love love actor, Jeremy Piven! He always plays his character's so perfectly, he's such a talented actor! We especially love his character Ari Gold from Entourage! Even though sometimes Ari is a complete jerk, we're really love him! :) Jeremy might not be the hottest celebrity out there, but there is just something about him that makes us melt and our knees go weak! Click on the pics to see Jeremy's extreme hotness!
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Robert Pattinson: Bearded and Bone Worthy!

Wednesday 7:10 PM, 28/09/2011
Mmmm, we spotted Robert Pattinson at the airport and he looked totally delish! We even liked the beard he was sporting, he looks all rugged and handsome. Like a very sexy lumberjack!
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Welcome Back Boys! This Is Why We Love The Fall!

Thursday 5:37 PM, 22/09/2011
With Stefan going bad on this season of the Vampire Diaries, we finally get to see the dark side of Paul Wesley! Jesse Spencer is the obvious hunk on House! Finally Ashton Kutcher is back in our tv-screens! We've been waiting for this since the final episode of That 70's Show! We wouldn't mind having Josh Hopkins from Cougar Town as our neighbor! We can't wait to see Penn Badgley as Lonley Boy again! Tristan Wilds from 90210 seems so charming! There's a reason Eric Danes character on Grey's Anatomy is called Dr.Steamy... Sexiest vampire ever? Well, at least Ian Somerhalder is one heck of a candidate! We whised we had Dr. Avery as our doctor! Jesse Williams is just so hot! Is there any cooler guy on TV than Chuck Bass? We don't think so, probably because Ed Westwick is so amazing!
So we've sort of been looking forward to the fall and the reason is spelled: SEXY GUYS! After an entire summer without our favourite series we can't wait to get in front of the tv-screen and get our weekly dose of steamy doctors, sexy vampires and spoiled Upper East Side boys!

You guys must be as excited as we are, thinking about all the eye candy this fall has to offer! Do you perhaps have someone you're looking forward to seeing a little extra? A soft spot for Chace Crawford perhaps, or is Ian Somerhalder's gazing eyes all you ever dream of? Either way, FINALLY, fall is here!
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Sexy Celeb of The Week: Hugh Jackman!

Friday 9:19 PM, 16/09/2011
We just love your smile! Sooo handsome! Wow!
Hugh Jack is probably the hottest man alive! We saw flaunt his hot bod in "X-Men" and we witnessed his charming side in "The Prestige," we just think he's so great! We love his smile and his Australian accent, he's just so perfect and dreamy! Siiiigh.
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Hot and Hairy Hollywood Hunks!

Tuesday 7:18 PM, 13/09/2011
Justin Timberlake was spotted at a tennis match looking like a real man! Lenny Kravitz looks really cool with his beard! Gerard Butler is hot! Doesn't he look great? We spotted Hugh Jackman biking around town, he looks really handsome!
We really like this look on Ashton Kutcher!
We've noticed that some of our favorite Hollywood hunks are sporting a similar trend. No, they didn't all go get Justin Bieber hair cuts, but they do all have super shaggy beards! And we have to say, it looks HOT! This week we spotted some of the sexiest celebs with beards and it makes us so excited to for winter! There is nothing hotter than cuddling a guy with a beard in the winter! Oh, and hot chocolate! Click on the pics to see more of our favorite hairy hunks!

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Sexy Celeb of The Week: Ewan McGregor

Friday 7:19 PM, 09/09/2011
We love his style! The messy look is so HOT!
We don't know if it's his Scottish accent or his brilliant smile, but with those blue eyes and that contagious laugh, Ewan Mcgregor, has captured our heart! We love love loved him in "Moulin Rouge," we just swooned when we heard his amazing voice! And his heroic actions in "The Island" had us craving for even more!

Even if he's crying, laughing, or fighting the evils of another galaxy, Ewan McGregor is the sexiest man ever! Click on the pics to see more this week's sexy celeb!

PS. If you want to hear Ewan sing, check out him singing "Come What May" with Nicole Kidman. We love this song! Siiiiiigh!
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