Sex and the City's Carrie - Most Memorable looks!

Carrie Bradshaw became a name on everyone's lips in the series "Sex and the City" which became a great success worldwide! She's truly a style icon and has received many different trends named after herself. The countdown to one of this years biggest film and fashion events, "Sex and the City 2" will soon be over and we load for it's last minutes with a look back at Sarah Jessica Parker's popular character's different styles!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker white dress big flower hairstyle long soft curls
In this dress that she wore in the opening scene of the first "Sex and the City" movie, she took the trend with flowers a step further! We really like it!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker pink dress hairstyle ponytail
When Carrie got this wonderful dress from her boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky, there were many who were really jealous! It's from Oscar de la Renta spring collection 2004!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker pink patterned dress white belt hairstyle long soft curls
Dresses in all its colors and shapes is really Carrie-style! In the first "Sex and the City" movie she wears this beautiful creation!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker pink tubedress black belt with rivets pearl necklace hairstyle ponytail
The belt with rivets broke through again after Carrie matched it in a variety of ways! Many big fashion retailers imitated this particular variant!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker white top white ballerina skirt hairstyle long soft curls
Carrie shows to us that the cute ballerina skirt still works!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker green patterned dress and jacket black belt with rivets
Once again she wears the belt with rivets - this time to make a pretty dress rock chic!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker yellow mini jacket grey skirt brown belt bag hairstyle updo
With a pleated skirt and a cool west Carrie rocked in the first "Sex and the City"-movie!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker big red scarf leather jacket grey chinos hairstyle updo
The big scarfs got a big breaktrough thanks to this scene! We just love this red one!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker flowered dress patterned jacket hairstyle short
When Carrie cutted off her lovely curls in the fourth season of the series it became a major trend among all hairdressing salons!
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker white jersey dress necklace clutch bag hairstyle long suft curls
And now, a little sneak peek at Carrie's clothes in the second movie! A casual jersey dress and a big sparkling necklace - that's fashion for sure!
Sarah Jessica
Finally, who can forget that wedding dress from the first movie? It has to be one of her most memorable moments ever!
Published May 26 2010 4:04 PM
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