Sex and the City

6 June, 1998
Romance, Comedy
36 wins (including 8 Golden Globes) and 125 nominations
Set in New York City, four women (three in their thirties and one in her forties) gossip about their sex-lives. Topics are for example safe sex, promiscuity and multiple partners. Sex and the City has multiple continuing story lines and focuses on the lives of big-city professional women.
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Sex and the City

Actor: Mr. Big (Chris Noth) / Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) / Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod (Jason Lewis) / Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) / Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) / Trey MacDougal (Kyle MacLachlan) / Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker)

On vacation

Beach Patrol: Kristin Leaves Fashion Sense at Home!

Wednesday 10:22 AM, 09/12/2009
Not loving the beach the T-shirt on the head look either Kristin!
Luckily she found a hat! Yoga Power!
Sex and the City star Kristin Davis is taking a break from her hectic Sex and The City 2 filming schedule in St. Barths with her longtime love, famous photographer Russell James at the moment. The two lounged on the beach with a few friends yesterday, desptie Kristin's usual style, she was showing off some less than flattering floral print high wasted shorts that only a grandmother could love. Even though we see how she might have thought they could work in a retro beach holiday kind of way, they really did nothing for her figure! This didn't stop Kristin from having fun in the sun though, she even fitted in a yoga session!
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Hot like no other

Top List: People Magazine's Hottest Man Alive!

Thursday 2:36 PM, 19/11/2009
2. Ryan Reynolds. Scarlett Johansson is not alone in thinking this tall, dark and handsome guy is a great catch! 3. Jake Gyllenhaal. Gentle and sweet with a hot body! Who wouln't want to get to know Jake a little better? 4. Bradley Cooper. That naughty smile has had many of Hollywood's hottest single ladies lining up for dates with newly single Bradley this year! 5. Robert Downey Jr. Who can resist a great sense of humour like Roberts? Sorry he is taken ladies! 6. David Beckham is one of those men who just keeps getting hotter, every time you see him, no matter what he does to his hair, which keeps changing everytime we see him too! 7. Gilles Marini, who can forget this man's body from the first Sex and the City movie? Oh and he can dance pretty well too, as we saw on TV! 9. Nick Cannon, Mrs Mariah Carey, knows how to make a woman feel special, everyone can see how happy he makes his diva, and that is sexy! 10. Adam Lambert, the cutest American Idol star in a long time! Guys, this one is for you... 11. John Cho, what a cutie, and funny too! The shy girls poster boy everywhere! 12. Chris Daughtry. Every girl's dream, a sexy rocker who is a family man too! Sigh, we just wish he wasn't already taken too! 13. Jerry O'Connell has the sweetest naughtiest face ever! Totally irresistable! 14. John Legend and his amazing singing voice and those dark brown eyes, what else can a girl want? 15. Robert Pattinson, every teenage girls fantasy at the moment and we hear he has won the heart of his leading lady too! Twilight vampire Robert Pattinson is so hot right now!
Here he is everyone, for the second time! Johnny Depp just never gets tired, women all around the world, of all ages voted again this year and Johnny is still the one all women dream about! We totally agree the man is still sizzling hot! we have the rest of the top list for you here in pictures! Can you believe Twilight hottie only came 15th on the list? Take a look and see which other hotties made the list this year and vote on your favourite! (Source: People)


Who is your favourite hottie?

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Excuse me?

SJP: "I love the smell of diapers!"

Friday 2:41 PM, 06/11/2009
SJP: "I love the smell of diapers!"
Yeah, that is the look we had on our faces when we heard it too! On set of the new movie!
Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker has said some strange things over the last few years about her love of fashion especially shoes, but this has got to top them all! In a recent interview she admitted that even though she has her own range of successful fragrances, her favourite smell is the smell of her twin babies' diapers! She says wet diaper smells make her think of freshly baked goods! Ew! Only a new mommy would understand such a thing! (Source: MSNBC)
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Sex & The City's Chris Noth Makes A Perfect Daddy!

Tuesday 7:11 AM, 27/10/2009
Happy family!
His character Mr. Big in Sex and the City may have no time for children in his busy business schedule, but in real life Chris Noth is a total family man! He and his fiance Tara Lynn Wilson took their adorable little boy Orion over to Mr Bones pumpkin patch on Sunday to check out the pumpkins and everyone could see what a dedicated daddy Chris is! How beautiful is his little boy by the way!
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Latest news!

Sex and the City Secrets Revealed!

Friday 1:16 PM, 23/10/2009
The ladies: Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis
Huge Sex and the City Scoop ahead, so if you don't want to know just skip to the pictures right now! There is going to be another HUGE wedding on the second movie. The cast and crew have been in Connecticut shooting a huge wedding scene with a massive budget. The movie's stylist, Patricia Field says the outfits are showstoppers, as is the whole wedding scene with iconic singer Liza Minnelli in it! So who do you think is getting married? There have been pictures of Kim Cattrall in a wedding dress, but we think that is just to throw us off...Liza Minelli must mean a gay wedding so we think its probably one of the gay best friends, Stanford Blatch or Anthony Marantino! Either way we can't wait! (Source: People)
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Latest news!

It's Official: Miley Cyrus in Sex and the City 2!

Sunday 6:13 PM, 18/10/2009
With these pictures we can now confirm that actress and singer Miley Cyrus will be appearing in Sex and the City 2! Miley was spotted filming scenes in New York last night and she and Kim Catrall's character Samantha appeared to be at some kind of movie premiere wearing the same dress! We can't wait to see who Miley will be playing!
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