Sergio Ramos

30 March 1986, Camas, Seville, Spain
29 years

Sergio Ramos is a Spanish international footballer, who usually plays as a defender for Real Madrid. Ramos is a graduate of the Sevilla FC youth system. He is known for his runs on the right flank, crosses into the box, and defending.

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Sergio Ramos in a love triangle!

Wednesday 4:29 PM, 09/07/2008
Sergio Ramos in a love triangle!
They certainly like one another... Nice bikini! Some more friends are about to join... What a jump! The girls are all over the place!
The Spanish football champion Sergio Ramos is currently taking a well needed vacation in Marbella. Fortunately, it seems like he enjoyed himself a little bit too much, rumours has it that he had sex with Nereida Gallardo, the girlfriend of another Spanish football player! Sergio is mighty popular with his muscular body and long hair. The girls are all over him but Sergio insists on the fact that he is single and without any engagement.

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