Hot or Not: Selena Gomez's Smiling Maxi Dress?

Wednesday 2:01 PM, 06/06/2012
We spotted Selena Gomez stepping out in a gray mullet-style dress when she attended at Hollywood producer Joel Silver's Memorial Day barbecue in Malibu a couple of days ago. She went for a relaxed look in her grey smiley face maxi dress! We're not so sure about the getup to be honest, but it really got us smiling! What do you think about Selena's maxi dress with a smiley face print on the front? Hot or not? Wote in the poll below!


What do you Think about Selena Gomez's dress?

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Lindsay(non member) 1
08/07/2012 10:43 AM
I think it's really cute, but I think it would
look better with some wedge heels. Their still
casual, but they'd glam the outfit up a bit. With
flats it just looks too frumpy. :/

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