Halle Berry's Ex Has The Dirt On Her!

Thursday 8:46 AM, 03/02/2011
Halle Berry's Ex Has The Dirt On Her!

Halle Berry wants him to shut up and go away - but he won't!

Oh this is going to hurt! As you know, Halle Berry and her gorgeous ex Gabriel Aubry are in a huge custody battle over their daughter Nahla now and they have started taking cheap shots at each other in the press, especially Halle, who has accused Gabriel of being a racist and an unfit parent so and its only been a few days!

Halle needs to be careful though, because Gabriel has just announced that he has recorded emails and voicemail messages from Halle where she is going off in jealous and angry rages at him. Unlike other famous Hollywood exes, Gabriel says he won't release the recordings to the press, he is saving them to use them where they will hurt most, in family court! Watch your back Halle Berry! (Radar)
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