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Chris Brown Paying His Way Out of Prison!

Thursday 10:03 AM, 30/10/2014
Chris Brown, 25, can thank his lucky star that he has already made a small fortune because his legal costs do not come cheap. Just now Chris...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes is too sick to get released

Wednesday 8:34 AM, 29/10/2014
Amanda Bynes, 28, haven't had it easy lately and it eventually culminated in her getting committed in a psychiatric facility.

Amanda was to be released earlier this week but her health was in such bad shape that the doctors asked for one month's extended stay, according to TMZ. The judge followed the doctor's order, which means that Amanda will have to stay for at least 30 more days.

It's still not clear whether Amanda's parents will apply for conservatorship over their daughter again. Amanda is said to be disappointed and frustrated with her parents having her committed meaning that them trying to control will be a huge task.
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Charlie Sheen Ditching Pornstar For The Sake of His Kids!

Friday 11:34 AM, 17/10/2014
Charlie Sheen, 49, was set to marry porn star Brett Rossi, 25, this November but the wedding has now been put off. Charlie Sheen has affirme...READ MORE ▶
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Amanda Bynes caught by security guards!

Thursday 9:55 AM, 09/10/2014
Amanda Bynes have now been accused of stealing at the luxurious department store Barneys, in New York. According to TMZ Amanda put on a $200...READ MORE ▶
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"TV Pastor" Stephen Collins Confessing to Being Child Molester!

Tuesday 3:08 PM, 07/10/2014
TV Pastor Stephen Collins have confessed to being a child molester and it’s all on a tape that TMZ have gotten their hands on.

Stephen...READ MORE ▶
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Justin Bieber Avoiding Confrontation

Wednesday 9:20 AM, 01/10/2014
After numerous scandals it seems as if the young pop star is trying to get his act together. Justin was attending a celeb packed fashion par...READ MORE ▶
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