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Feb 19 10:01 AM

Kanye West & Taylor Swift Hanging Out Together!

About six years ago Kanye West, 37, ran up on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift, 25, when she was about to give her acceptance speech after after having won "Female Video of the Year"...

Feb 18 8:32 AM

Tyga: I'm Not Dating Kylie Jenner!

Amber Rose, 31, and Khloe Kardashian, 30, have found themselves in a public feud with each other and what started it all was when Amber said that it was embarrassing that rapper Tyga, 25, left his girl and kid to be with Kylie Jenner, 17...

Feb 17 5:03 PM

Wiz Khalifa Thinks That Amber Rose is a Bad Mom!

Wiz Khalifa, 27, is currently fighting to get more time with his 1 year old son...

Feb 17 10:04 AM

Amber Rose in a Public Fight With The Kardashians!

Amber Rose, 31, is not particularly fond of the Kardashian/Jenner family and she made this even more clear in an interview with the radio channel Power 105...

Feb 16 8:36 AM

Hailey Baldwin Talks About the Justin Bieber Rumors!

They're often seen together and for months people have been talking about Hailey Baldwin, 18, and Justin Bieber, 20, being a couple...

Feb 11 5:23 PM

Miley Cyrus's Movie Removed From Porn Film Festival!

Earlier this week it was said that a movie with Miley Cyrus would be shown at the NYC porn festival - something that the organizers now has had to deny...

Feb 10 11:34 AM

Shirley Manson Goes After Kanye West!

Shirley Manson, 48, famous from the band Garbage, did not appreciate the comments that Kanye made this weekend when he said that Beyonce should have won the grammy for album of the year, instead of Beck...

Feb 9 5:07 PM

Kanye West's Diss and Beck's Response!

As you all probably know by now - it was the Grammy Awards yesterday and Kanye West managed to, once again, create headlines all over the world, and it wasn't because of his performance...

Feb 4 5:07 PM

Lindsay Lohan and Her Mom Suing Fox News After Being Accused of Doing Coke!

Earlier this week Lindsay Lohan, 28, and her mother Dina Lohan, 52, filed a mutual lawsuit against Fox News and Sean Hannity and Michelle Fields who hosted the show...

Feb 4 10:04 AM

Paris Hilton's Brother in Drug Scandal on Flight!

Paris Hilton's younger brother, Conrad Hilton, has been arrested after causing quite the scandal onboard a flight between London and Los Angeles, in July...