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Cat Fight! Hollywood's Biggest Divas!

Wednesday 8:26 AM, 12/10/2011
“Everyone wants to look like her? Chick with a dick”

Lily Allen is not putting a lid on it! She is a real loud mouth, and apparently she doesn't like Cheryl Cole. “That flat-chested cardboard cut-out”

How Lindsay Lohan can critique an other actress is beyond our understanding, this is what she said about the Oscar nominated Keira Knightley. Jealous much Lindsay? “She’s the high priestess of tack”

Here are two of our time's biggest divas! So obviously they need to not see eye to eye, back when Whitney sold as many albums as Madonna (and was off crack) she made this comment on Madonnas sexy image. Hard words Whit! “You’ll never be me. Don’t ever think you’ll be me”

This feud between Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks is old news. But we still find it pretty funny that Naomi was so threatened on her throne that she had to make this comment to Tyra backstage at a fashionshow! meeow!
Celebrity rivalry is like a dark cloud over Hollywood, but what can we say? It's full of divas and with divas comes discussion! We love celebrity feuds, the catty comments and mean twitters! Like Christina Aguilera's comment about Lady Gaga, back in the day when Gaga was accused of stealing Christina's style (Yeah, right!). Christina said: I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman”, haha! She must regret that now! We found some of the cattiest celebrity quotes ever, take a look, they're hilarious! (
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We Are So Over Lidsay Lohan!

Tuesday 11:14 AM, 20/09/2011
Lilo needs to stop acting like a brat! Vikram Chatwal, a really rich guy, really getting used by Lilo!
We told you yesterday about how Lindsay Lohan got thrown out from Marc jacobs Fashion week after party. Totally embarrassing! But apparently not embarrassing enough for Lilo! The friend who snuck her into the party's name is Vikram Chatwal, a multimillionaire hotel owner she uses to access parties she no longer is welcome to. (so all parties) Sources say that Lindsay often hangs around in his apartment in Manhattan, and just two days before the whole Marc Jacobs thing, she was seen taking drugs through his panorama windows. Right in front of the paparazzi! Really trashy!
We think it's about time Lilo get's a grip..really!
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Lindsay Lohan's New Niche: Throwing Drinks At Photographers!

Saturday 10:19 PM, 17/09/2011
At a New York Fashion Week party hosted by V Magazine this past Wednesday, invitee Lindsay Lohan resorted to some not-so-classy methods in order to...READ MORE ▶
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Hasselhoff + Reid - A Recipe For Disaster!

Sunday 8:14 PM, 11/09/2011
She looks great for her age!
We spotted Tara Reid and her husband Zack Kehayov having dinner with David Hasselhoff's ex wife Pamela Bach Hasselhoff in London the other night. At first we asked ourselves what do these three have in common? But then we looked at them, and it became pretty obvious. Pamela is Tara's secret twin sister!
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Katie Price To Release Her Own Magazine!

Sunday 6:11 PM, 28/08/2011
We feel so sorry for her daughter!
What an absolutely horrific idea! But we guess we can't be too surprised, scandal queen Katie Price, aka Jordan clearly seems to think that everyon...READ MORE ▶
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Celebs Who Need a Big Fat Check!

Monday 6:23 PM, 22/08/2011
Although Mike Tyson has had a big carrier he once really needed a big fat check! Once he bought a gold chain necklace for $173,706 with 80 carats in diamonds and never paid for it! Did he think it was for free? MC Hammer's luxurious life did not match his income! After buying 17 cars, 2 helicopters, horses and an entourage on 300 people, it was too expensive to live a rock star life! Government officials have filed three separate liens against MC Hammer this year that add up to $671,182!

Even Toni Braxton has debts over $12,500 on her house and if she doesn't paid them back in time, she will loose it! Time to write a new hit song! Did you think that Donald Trump never had to care about money? Well, think again! His company has field for bankruptcy three times! The last time, Donald couldn't pay $40 million to Deutsche Bank! Oops! Can you believe that Courtney Love is over 40 years old and can't pay her bills! She owes more than $300,000 in unpaid taxes.
They may be famous, have gigantic mansions, and shiny cars, but even celebs can't keep spending money without a job. Celebs need to work for their money and maybe take a few courses in economy, because they're often bankrupt! Some of the biggest stars like Pamela Anderson, MC Hammer, and Courtney Love have all hit the ground and hoped that a big fat check would hit the mailbox.

Click on the pictures to check out more celebs that went all out, living their dream life but ended up in bankruptcy!
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