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Hollywood’s Top 7 Hottest Homewreckers!

Wednesday 7:17 PM, 27/07/2011
2. Claire Danes isn't that innocent as she looks! She and Billy Crudup got together, only problem was that his wife Mary Louise-Parker was preggo! But that was not enough excitement for Claire, so she left him a short while after for another man! 3. Denise Richards broke up 11 years of marriage between Heather Locklear and Richie Samobra. That's not how you treat your best friend Denise! 4. Sienna Miller has had a troubled love life. She pretty much publicly dated married man, Balthazar Getty! The worst thing was that it didn't seem like they cared about anyone knowing. 5. LeAnn Rimes was cheating around with actor, Eddie Cibrian, while both of them still were married! They got caught kissing in a picture that ended up on the Internet! No one to blame but yourself LeAnn!

6. Bad girl, Britney Spears took Kevin Federline from his girlfriend when she was pregnant with their baby! Oops Britney did it again! 7. We think karma has struck Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Marc left a wife and two kids for J.Lo when they got together, maybe that's why the divorce papers are on their way now!?
Relationship scandals are overflowing in Hollywood and we’ve experienced several really ugly break ups! We always get the juicy gossip about why, how, and when the relationship ended….and who to blame! We've decided to crown Angelina Jolie as the Queen of Homewrecking! Check out more of Hollywood’s hottest homewreckers!
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Get it together!
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Eric Dane in Rehab!

Thursday 9:20 AM, 21/07/2011
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Daisy Lowe To Pose For Playboy Magazine!

Wednesday 8:00 PM, 13/07/2011
Gavin Rossdale was unaware he had a daughter for 15 years! Daisy's mother Pearl Lowe had a fling with Gavin Rossdale in the 80s.
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David Arquette's Mistress To Release Sex Tape!

Wednesday 3:05 PM, 13/07/2011
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