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JWoww Wants To Be A Mom!

Friday 2:48 PM, 08/04/2011
Jersey Shore star Jennifer "JWoww" Farley recently expressed her growing desire to become a mom! Shocking news to say the least! In a recent interv...READ MORE ▶
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Jersey Shore Spin-Offs In The Making!

Friday 10:03 AM, 08/04/2011
The fourth season of Jersey Shore might be its last, but that (unfortunately) doesn't mean that we get to say farewell to The Situation, Snooki and co. just yet! MTV announced yesterday that they are planning not one, but two Jersey Shore spin-offs for 2012! In one spin-off we'll get to see how BFFs JWoww and Snooki handle life after Jersey Shore while living as roommates, and in the other one we'll get to follow Pauly D's journey to becoming a successful DJ, traveling with his friends from Rhode Island to various DJing gigs!

Will you tune in for the spin-offs and if so, which one are you looking forward to the most?
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LiLo Lands A Job!

Friday 8:32 AM, 08/04/2011
It looks like Lindsay Lohan's comeback might be on the horizon for real this time! According to TMZ, she has finally found herself a job, and it's ...READ MORE ▶
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Christina Aguilera: "I can laugh about the hiccups in my life"

Wednesday 2:50 PM, 06/04/2011
Lets hope there will be diva behaviour!
It hasn't been the best year for Christina Aguilera, we all know that! After her divorce last year she has been misbehaving all around, getting drunk and falling and even getting arrested with her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler!

On top of that her latest album pretty much bombed, so its no surprise she is now working in reality tv! She is doing "The Voice" and it looks like we are going to be seen Xtina raw and uncut! She said in a recent interview that she has been through a really hard time and is not ashamed of the mistakes she has made, they are a part of her and she can even laugh at the hiccups in her life. We can't wait to see what else she will get up to on the show!

Here is what Xtina had to say about being on the show:
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Heidi Montag's New Reality Show - Guaranteed to Flop?!

Tuesday 11:38 AM, 05/04/2011
Doomed? He is kinda hot!
We spotted Heidi Montag at the Cafe Med on Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood yesterday and you will never guess who was with her! Jake Pavelka the scandalous Bachelor and Real Housewives' Danielle Staub. Three ex reality tv stars who all managed to get the public to hate them and laugh at them, all filming a new show together. What do you think, is it a guaranteed hit or miss?!


What's the verdict?

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Busted: Lilo's Betty Ford Clinic 911 Call!

Monday 4:35 PM, 04/04/2011
She is a mean girl for real!
There is no escaping the truth now Lindsay Lohan! Remember when Lindsay Lohan was in the Betty Ford Clinic instead of jail and she was accused of attacking a worker there because she didn't want to take a breathalizer test? Well now there is proof that it was all a cover up. This woman was fired and Lindsay walked out totally free of this situation. See, she definitely gets special treatment wherever she goes! Here is the recording:

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