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The Scandals Of One Direction!

Wednesday 7:14 PM, 30/01/2013
CHEATS ON GIRLFRIEND: Can Zayn Malik really not keep his hands to himself or are the countless rumors about the 20-year old cheating on his Little Mix-girfriend Perrie just lies? We don't know but when a waitress came clean the other day about sleeping with him it didn't sound like a lie to us. LARRY STYLINSON: There's no doubt that Harry and Louis have a bromance but the rumors have sometimes gone out hand. When it became public that the two friends shared a flat all sorts of reports about the friendship actually being a full blown romance, started circulating. Obviously it wasn't true since Louis got his Eleanor and Harry got... well, more girls than we can keep track of. ONE DIRECTION SUED BY ONE DIRECTION: Yeah we know, it's confusing. An American punk band sued 1D for $1 million dollars last year, saying the pop group stole their name. No worries though! The British boy band are keeping the name since they won the legal dispute. Thank goodness! Can you imagine if they'd have to change it? HOOKS UP WITH TAYLOR SWIFT: And what a mess it has been! Seriously the numerous of reports about the Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' short but dramatic romance just made us exhausted! POSTS NUDE PHOTOS: If your friend was in the shower would you take a picture of she/he and post it on instagram? No? Then guess if we got surprised when Niall took the freedom of showing the world a naked Louis Tomlinson. Later on it turned out the picture was fake, in fact Harry is the only one in the band having an instagram account. Anyway,  here's the fake picture and come on, you must admit. It sure does look like Louis.
It has merely been two years since the British boy band One Direction released their debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” and oh boy have they been busy! No, we’re not just talking about the music. From dating 32-year-olds and each other, to cheating on their girlfriends and post nude pictures of themselves, these five young men have time and again made it into the headlines.Read about some of their nastiest scandals so far!
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Justin Bieber Grabbed Fan's Boob - Okay Or Disgusting?!

Wednesday 4:53 PM, 30/01/2013
During a "meet and greet" with Justin Bieber the other day something kinda unordinary happened. The fans took photos with their big idol, when all the sudden Justin cupped one fan's boob - which was caught on camera. People are discussing whether she asked for it, or if Justin did it to make Selena Gomez a little jealous. Honestly, we think the fan was okay with it (she looks happy, doesn't she?), but how about you? Do you think it's okay for Justin to do such a thing or not? Vote and tell us why!


Justin Cupping Her Boob - Okay Or Disgusting?

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Whoops! Celebs Caught With Their Pants Down!

Thursday 3:08 PM, 19/07/2012
How on earth Marilyn Manson thought it was a good idea to cheat on his ex-wife Dita von Teese is a mystery to us. Brad Pitt denied that he and Angelina Jolie ever had a relationship while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Unfortunately for him, Angelina Jolie accidentally revealed in a interview a couple years later, that they actually were together while shooting Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Whoops! Britney Spears famously hooked up with a background-dancer/choreographer during one of her world tours behind, then boyfriend, Justin Timberlake's back. Justin's response:  The infamous video to "Cry Me A River". Britney's apology: Writing the song "Everytime" A women's humiliation can not be worse than this! Elizabeth Hurley was married to Hugh Grant when we was caught by the police with the prostitute Divine Brown in his car. His mug-shot was on various of magazine's covers all over the world and so was the fact that he had cheated on his wife. Fine, we get it Meg Ryan! Who doesn't have a crush on Russell Crowe but that doesn't make cheating okay! In 2000, Meg Ryan had an affair with Crowe even though she was still married to Dennis Quaid. Cheater and husband stealer? Now that is never good for one's image. When LeAnn Rimes initiated a relationship with actor Eddie Cibrian she wasn't the only one who was married, he was as well! Guess they deserve each other then. Sienna Miller and Jude Law were happily engaged, then he slept with his children's nanny. In 2010 the former couple reunited but it didn't last longer than a couple of months. Now Sienna is engaged to RPattz's BFF, Tom Sturridge, and they've just got a baby girl. Payback is a b*tch!
Even though they’re dating the hottest and most successful people in the world, it just doesn’t seem to be enough for some celebrities. With various of temptations hiding behind every corner, these 8 stars just couldn’t keep it in their pants!
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10 Celebrities Who Have Checked In And Out Of Rehab!

Monday 11:02 PM, 26/03/2012
After a few nights of hard partying in February 2007 Kirsten Dunst entered rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Kate Moss wasn't only known for "heroin chic," she also was addicted to drugs like cocaine and in September 2005 she checked into rehab. Disney star Demi Lovato checked into rehab for physical and emotional issues. She had to drop out of her tour with the Jonas Brothers to recover. Drew Barrymore had her first drink at 9 and used cocaine by 12. By 14, she had been in rehab twice. Drew was able to pull herself together. After her split from Kevin Federline, Britney Spears checked into rehab in 2007. With her father now watching over Brit, things finally got better! Before Nicole Richie met Joel Madden and had two children, she was famous for partying with Paris Hilton. During 2003 Nicole ended up in rehab after being guilty for heroin possession. Lindsay Lohan has had alot of problems with drugs and alcohol, she has checked into rehab a several times and it seems that it's not over yet! After Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore, Demi's world fell apart and she checked into rehab for an eating disorder and addiction issues. "The Hills" star Stephanie Pratt entered a Los Angeles rehab, just weeks after her arrest for driving drunk.
Fame is tough and not everyone can handle it. We've listed 10 celebrities that have been in rehab for various reasons. After their visit to rehab some of them felt better while others just started an endless circle of in-and-out of rehab. Click on the pics to find out which celebs have checked rehab off their life list.
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Want to call Charlie Sheen? We've got his phone number!

Monday 9:29 AM, 12/12/2011
Is Charlie Sheen Justin Bieber's new homie? He answered one of the calls with "Ray's pizza"!
Twitter is a perfect way to follow your favorite celebs! You can see what they write and if you’re lucky, they’ll add a photo. Charlie Sheen is one...READ MORE ▶
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Kim Kardashian Has Tired Of The Spotlight!

Sunday 9:50 PM, 20/11/2011
We spotted a rather dressed-down Kim Kardashian leave the Boom Boom and Beyond Salon in Beverly Hills earlier this week. For what we think is the first time ever, she was actually not in the mood to be photographed! She hid her face behind her big Balenciaga bag for the entire walk to the car, and just wanted to get out of the spotlight as quickly as possible. Her failed marriage really must have done a number on her!
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