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Lindsay Weasles Her Way Back in to 'Gotti' Flick!

Friday 10:25 AM, 22/04/2011
Seems we were a little quick when we wrote about Lindsay's new job last week! Since...READ MORE ▶
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Brooke Mueller Back in Rehab - Charlie Wants the Babies!

Tuesday 12:54 PM, 19/04/2011
Crazy people - why did they have babies?!
We feel so sorry for Charlie Sheen and ex Brooke Mueller's twin babies! Their mother has just gone back to rehab after she refused to take a drug test this week and according to the court, that is the same as testing negative. So crazy Charlie is using this to try to make the court give him full custody of the babies now that Brooke needs help in rehab. Is there no one else who can look after these babies?!
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Peaches Geldof Caught Red-Handed!

Monday 3:22 PM, 18/04/2011
Wild child! We don't think she listens to Dad at all!
In trouble again! First it was the shoplifting(read more here) and ...READ MORE ▶
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The Black Swan Dance Scandal Continues: Who is Lying?!

Monday 1:11 PM, 18/04/2011
Natalie Portman's dancing body double in the Oscar winning movie Black Swan just won't back down! Sarah Lane, a ballerina who stood in for Natalie ...READ MORE ▶
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Nicolas Cage's Dared Police to Arrest Him - So They Did!

Monday 9:21 AM, 18/04/2011
Bad guy!
Nicolas Cage's bad attitude and drunken nastiness got him arrested in New Orleans this weekend! Nic was picked up on the streets of New Orleans by ...READ MORE ▶
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Lindsay Lohan Hides in a Cupboard From Dad!

Tuesday 9:10 AM, 12/04/2011
When we hear stories like this we really do kinda feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan! Yesterday her father Michael Lohan, who has recently been arrested ...READ MORE ▶
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