Sammi Giancola

1 January 1987, New Jersey, USA
28 years

Sammi Giancola is an american tv-personality and she has starred in the television show "Jersey Shore". She calls herself "the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet" and hails from Hazlet, New Jersey. Sammi Giancola attended William Paterson University
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Stars Alert! Red Carpet For Comedy Central Gala!

Monday 10:35 AM, 15/10/2012
Katy Perry is gorgeous in her long dress!
Check out the arrivals for Comedy Central's 'Night Of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together For Autism Programs' - there are some familiar faces! Jwoww and Sammi hang out and Katy Perry shows off a beautiful dress. Sweet guys!
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Jersey Shore Sammi Runs The Catwalk!

Saturday 9:03 AM, 11/08/2012
Such a possitive move from Jersey Shore!
Did you think Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola was just a reality tv star? Think again! Sammi enters the runway together with a model at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. What for? Well Sam-Sam is a fashion designer, too!
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They Give Fashion Lovers Heart Attacks! Who Is The Best Of The Worst?

Sunday 6:52 PM, 11/09/2011
We like the shoes and that's about it! A t-shirt with, a white skirt, a really weird belt and flip flops is not the greatest combination! Actually not so bad , just remove the hat, Sammi! This dress looks like a top and it seems like Sammi Giancola killed two guinea pigs and put on her shoes! Why did you have to wear this belt? It just looks unflattering! This might be the worst outfit we have EVER seen! Put on some pants Deena Cortese! We promise you this look would work better! So we get what Deena is trying to do. High waisted shorts are trendy but it just doesn't work here! Jenni Farley has never really liked covering up! We've definitely seen worse but we're not impressed by this look Jenni! You make up isn't your biggest issue JWoww.  Your shoes are!
Tan, obnoxious, drunk and hilarious are words that describe the cast of Jersey Shore. Though we love watching the show, these guys have taken the expression fashion disaster to a whole other level! Especially the girls! With the shortest dresses the world has ever seen and cleavages down to their umbilical, there isn’t much left for your imagination.

We just don’t get it! Since when was it in fashion to look like a total dreckitude? Or do their houses simply miss mirrors? Hopefully their stay in Italy, the country of big fashion houses such as Versace, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, has inspiered them to make some major wardrobe changes...yeah right! It isn't a matter of who dresses the best (that would be an insult to everything fashion stands for) but about who is dressing the least dreadful? Let us know which of these fashion catastrophes, aka Snooki, Deena, Sammi and Jenni, you think has the least ugly style?
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Jersey Shore Shakes The Money-Maker!

Wednesday 10:30 AM, 28/07/2010
The crew looking all smart! Ring my bell! Stylish?
This is not something you see very often, The cast of Jersey Shore, Paul Del Veccio, Michael Sorrentino, Sammi Giancola, Ronnie Ortiz-Magra, Jenni Farley and Nicole Polizzi all dressed up and on their best behaviour! The crew had the honour of ringing the bell to open The New York Stock Exchange yesterday and we have to say we are confused about why. We thought you had to be smart about money to know something about stocks and to be invited to the famous Stock Exchange building. Well they did all just get salary increases...that must count for something!
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The Jersey Shore Crew Hits Miami!

Monday 9:41 PM, 12/04/2010
Muscle boys! What a guido!
Scandalous reality stars Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola were spotted filming scenes for the latest season of Jersey Shore with co-star Michael 'the Situation' Sorrentino yesterday on Miami Beach! It looks like Jersey Shore is too small for these crazy party people! We hear that some clubs have even been banning the stars from entering because of their hard partying ways. We bet they will be heading back to the Jersey Shore, where everyone is just as crazy as them, pretty soon! Check out those outfits!
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