Samantha Ronson

1 January 1977, New York, USA
37 years

Lindsay Lohan
Samantha Ronson is an American DJ, singer and guitarist. She released the album RED in 2004. Her father is musician Mick Jones. Samantha is friends (and maybe more) with Lindsay Lohan.

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Lilo Grabs Sienna Miller's Love Leftovers!

Tuesday 6:39 PM, 20/10/2009
Oh dear Lindsay of all the men in the world...! Yes that's right, troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan was spotted with Sienna Miller's ex (and still married to someone else) Balthazar Getty! Balthazar and Lindsay were seen this weekend at Hollywood's latest hot club Voyeur all over each other, they didn't stay long and left out the back door. Spies at the club say they were definitely hooking up! Atleast Lindsay seems to be over ex Samantha Ronson now, but we are not sure bad boy Balthazar is the smartest rebound choice! (Source: Celebuzz)


What do you think of this hook-up?

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Samantha Ronson Owes Lindsay Lohan!

Sunday 12:19 PM, 11/10/2009
Samantha Ronson has become one of the Hollywood paparazzi's favorite targets and unfortunately the DJ now has to put up with being followed around! Last night she was at the grand opening of Voyeurs in Hollywood and as you can see she's still not used to the attention! Thank Lindsay Lohan for that!
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Latest news

Lindsay Lohan Back to her Old Habits!

Sunday 5:48 PM, 20/09/2009
Uh oh, seems Lindsay Lohan has fallen off the wagon...again! We've long suspected that the scandalous actress isn't as "sober" as she wants everyone to think and this story pretty much confirms our suspicions! Lohan was reportedly kicked out of trendy Bowery Hotel in New York this week after throwing a room service tray at what she thought was Samantha Ronson's door. Problem was, it wan't Samantha's door and Lohan was consequently escorted from the premises. Oh no!
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Hot new couple!

Samantha Ronson and Benji Madden Out on a Date?!

Saturday 12:04 AM, 12/09/2009
Samantha Ronson and Benji Madden Out on  a Date?!
Hitting the town! He really is kinda cute!
Somehow we doubt this was a romantic date! Everyone knows Samantha Ronson isn't exactly crazy about guys in that way! As you know Benji is a musician in the band Good Charlotte and Samantha is a DJ so they must have a lot to talk about in the music world! Wouldn't it be fun if Samantha and Benji mixed some music together, we think that is probably exactly what that date was all about and that's it. Makes for a nice change in Hollywood when a guy and girl are really just friends!
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What's wrong?

Lilo Can't Even Shop Her Blues Away!

Wednesday 10:01 PM, 09/09/2009
Lilo Can't Even Shop Her Blues Away!
Looking frustrated! No new bags!
Now that Lindsay Lohan is officially homeless in Los Angeles after moving out of her rental home this week, she is staying in her New York apartment that still hasn't been sold. We all know Lindsay loves to shop, but today not even shopping in New York's Soho district could make her crack a smile. She tried on all kinds of things from shoes to dresses, but she didn't seem satisfied with any of it! We are not sure what is bothering her, maybe its ex Samantha Ronson or career troubles again, but Lindsay definitely has the blues!
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Lilo Reconciles with her Dad!

Thursday 7:36 PM, 27/08/2009
Lindsay all dressed up for shopping with Dad
Trying on Jewels She looks happy! Dad Michael Lohan
Poor Lindsay has had a traumatic week, with another rumoured break up from girlfriend Samantha Ronson as well as a break-in at her Los Angeles home. So it is natural that she wants the support of her family around her now. Lindsay and her dad Michael Lohan have been fighting for ages over her relationship with Sam have hardly been speaking to each other, but yesterday it looked like that has all changed! We saw father and daughter Lohan shopping together in West Hollywood at Roseark Jewelry store. I guess nothing says I am sorry as well as diamonds do! Lindsay's dad bought her a diamond ring! Lucky girl!
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