Samantha Ronson

1 January 1977, New York, USA
37 years

Lindsay Lohan
Samantha Ronson is an American DJ, singer and guitarist. She released the album RED in 2004. Her father is musician Mick Jones. Samantha is friends (and maybe more) with Lindsay Lohan.

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Did Christina Aguilera Dump Husband For Sam Ronson?!

Wednesday 8:47 AM, 20/10/2010
Sam has a thing for the straight girls! We feel a new drama filled relationship coming on!
There is a rumor going round that Christina Aguilera is dating Lindsay Lohan's ex Samantha Ronson! Christina who has been outspoken about her bisexuality in the past, and Sam met at Nicole Richie's birthday party in Cabo earlier this year and we hear they have been inseparable ever since! Christina has been seen at a few of Sam's DJ gigs lately and people are saying things were hotting up so much, Sam might be the reason Christina finally decided to leave her husband Jordan Bratman recently! Wow, could it be love?! We will have to wait and see! (Source: X17)
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Is Sam Ronson's Bulldog a Poodle Killer?

Wednesday 8:51 AM, 01/09/2010
Sam and her "man"
Hollywood DJ Samantha Ronson's bulldog, Cadillac, is not as friendly as he looks! One of Samantha's neighbours is claiming that Cadillac bit her little Maltese poodle, Tiger, to death in the hallway of Sam's apartment! Samantha was sleeping inside the apartment and the two dogs were both out in the hallway without leashes when there were suddenly screams and the two dogs were found out there. The weird thing is, no blood was found on Cadillac at all, so the case is still being investigated.

Samantha released the following statement yesterday: "Unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am. There is absolutely nothing I can say that will alter one minute of today, nothing." We hear Cadillac has been sent to New York to stay with Samantha's family out there because he has a record of biting other dogs, he only got back from doggie boot camp 5 days ago, clearly that didn't help to make him more social! (Source: TMZ)

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Lindsay Lohan Has One Busy Jail Cell!

Friday 10:22 AM, 30/07/2010
Sam Ronson Ali Lohan Lady Victoria Hervey Sweet
We don't really see how Lindsay Lohan could be too lonely in her jail cell this week, every day there is a stream of visitors to see her, one day its her lawyer and the next its her family and yesterday she had friends like Samantha Ronson and Lady Victoria Hervey over to visit as well. Oh and she even has fans! There were three sweet protester outside Lynwood Correctional Facility where Lilo is being, standing with "Free Lindsay" posters. We hope Lindsay is feeling the love!
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There You Are Samantha Ronson!

Friday 10:06 PM, 04/06/2010
We haven't seen Samantha Ronson for a while and that's probably due to the fact that she no longer hangs out with Lindsay Lohan! According to reports the two are still friends but we probably wouldn't be wrong in saying that Samantha is probably happy to be free of both Lindsay and the attention that comes with her!
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LiLo is A Wannabe Brit!

Saturday 3:24 PM, 27/02/2010
Not looking so fresh Linds!
Lindsay Lohan is back in Los Angeles after a fun week of fashion and partying in London. She seems to have totally fallen in love with the London scene too, because she has been tweeting about the fact that she definitely wants to move to London in the near future! But we also hear that for the 3 days that Lilo has been back in LA she has been totally stalking her ex Samantha Ronson again. Maybe a move to London is just what she needs to get away from her Samantha obsession?!
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Lilo Wants Sam Back!

Wednesday 1:08 PM, 24/02/2010
We remember alot of the fighting that went on between them, but Lilo says there were great times between them too!
Lindsay Lohan is really in a chatty mood this week! Yesterday we told you about how she spoke very openly for the first time about her private life, growing up with chaotic parent Michael and Dina Lohan, her drug addictions and rehab visits. Now, Lilo is ready pour her heart out about her relationship with Samantha Ronson! She says that Samantha is the only girl she has ever loved and been attracted to, so if she can't have Sam back, she will start dating boys again.

But Lindsay seems pretty sure that she will win back Sam! Lindsay says they see each other all the time, as they live in the same apartment building in Los Angeles and Sam is a lot more independent from her family, who Lindsay blames for their breakup because Sam's family never approved of Lindsay life that is so full-on in front of the paparazzi cameras. Wow, is this a good idea Lindsay? Maybe its time to move on - finally! (Read the full interview with The Sun here
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