Salma Hayek

2 September 1966, Veracruz, Mexico
48 years

Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Oscar De La Hoya, Edward Norton, Josh Lucas, Colin Farrell, Francois-Henri Pinault
Salma Hayek grew up in a well-off Mexican-American family and was expelled from the boarding school she attended while young. Her first big break came after she starred in the movie Desperado opposite Antonio Banderas. In 2007 Salma had her first child with boyfriend Francois-Henri Pinault (CEO of Pinault-Printemps-Redoute). Loves dogs.

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Cannes: Hollywood Glamour at Robin Hood Premiere!

Friday 1:09 PM, 14/05/2010
Kate Beckinsale Cate Blanchett Eva Longoria Dame Helen Mirren Lin Peng Jean Claude Van Damme Russell Crowe Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Benicio Del Toro and Kate Beckinsale Cuba Gooding Jr Eva Longoria Salma Hayek and Francois Pinault Salma Hayek Russel Crowe and his wife Danielle Spencer Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Gael Garcia Bernal Natalie Imbruglia
The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing in France and the first glam red carpet event didn't disappoint! It was the world premiere of Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett's latest movie Robin Hood and everyone really went all out on their red carpet style! From Eva Longoria to Kate Beckinsale - they all made a big effort! Take a look!

The movie trailer:
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Supermodels Show They Care!

Friday 8:39 PM, 23/04/2010
Kristen Dalton John McEnroe Matt Lauer Salma Hayek Doutzen Kroes
Beautiful Victorias Secret supermodels Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes attended the Christie's Green Auction last night all for Earth Day. All the money made at the auction went to environmental charities chosen by the celebs who attended the event. Check which other beautiful people were also there and celebrating this good cause and what they were wearing of course!
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Style Tip: Everyone's Wearing Mad Prints!

Monday 5:09 PM, 29/03/2010
Poppy Delevigne Alicia Keys Keira Knightley Romola Garai Laura Bailey Emma Bunton, Kristen Stewart Heidi Klum Lisa Snowdon Kelis Jo Whiley Joss Stone Kate Bosworth Claudia Schiffer Lauren Conrad Salma Hayek Naomi Campbell Jessica Alba Lily Allen
Have you noticed the new trend in print dresses all over the place for this latest Spring season? Everyone has been trying them out, from Keira Knightley, to Lauren Conrad and Heidi Klum! Some of the prints are pretty florals like Kate Bosworth's Chanel dress, but others are a bit Jessica Alba' and Kristen Stewart's Proenza Schouler cocktail outfits on the red carpet. What do you think of the trend, are you a fan?


Would you wear this trend?

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 5:13 PM, 14/03/2010
8. Zoe Saldana was trying way too hard to impress with her style at the Oscars! We loved the top of her gown, but the bottom was way too busy and messy! Less is sometimes a whole lot more on the red carpet Zoe! 7. Big suprise - not! Mariah Carey in just another too-tight dress! There was too much cleavage, too much leg and that piece of jewellery on her hip drew attention to all the wrong places on her body! 6. Swedish actress Malin Åkerman usually has simple style, but at Elton John's Oscars party she lost her way totally! We don't get the white lace table cloth skirt with the black lingerie-looking top. Her hairdo did nothing for her either. What a shocker! 5. Patricia Clarkson wore this unflattering dress to the Vanity Fair party this week. Stripes that go wider at the hip area are not a good idea for any body - not even skinny Hollywood stars! 4. Salma Hayek was lucky enough to be one of the first people to be seen in a dress from Alexander Mcqueen's last collection on the red carpet. We understand that she was making a statement, but even though we love the rich pattern on the fabric. The cut of the dress is more for runway than the red carpet! Way too edgy for Salma's style! 3. Beth Ditto love to make big bold statements with fashion and we respect that, but that doesn't mean we have to say we love it! She wore this big green patterned dress to a John Galliano showing at Paris Fashion Week and we really didn't love think it did anything to flatter her! 2. Whoops another wardrobe malfunction this week! This time it was Maggie Gyllenhaal who couldn't get her flapper dress to stay up! Not so sexy, more embarrassing! 1. Lindsay Lohan's outfits this week at Paris Fashion Week were definitely hit and miss and this one was a total miss for us!  She has a way of making a luxury fur coat look, ummm! The fact that she is almost popping out the top of that dress isn't helping either!
Something strange happens to many fashion-loving stars at huge events like The Oscars and Paris Fashion Week - they loose all sense of style! We don't know why, but it feels like everyone is trying so hard to be different and have a "wow" fashion moment on the red carpet, that often it turns into an "Oh NO" moment! Take a look.


Who is your worst dressed?

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Elton John Throws Hottest Oscars Party!

Monday 5:16 PM, 08/03/2010
Heidi Klum Victoria Beckham Michelle Rodriguez Kelly Brook Allison Iraheta Christina Hendricks Sharon Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne Perez Hilton Hayden Panettiere Miley Cyrus Salma Hayek Jennifer Hudson Nicole Richie Milla Jovovich Demi Lovato Jonas Brothers Jordan
Sir Elton John's post Oscars party has been going for 18 years now and it has definitely become the hottest place to be seen after the Oscars ceremony now! The best thing about the party is that the party is for a good cause! It benefits Elton John's famous AIDS foundation charity. Just a few of the beautiful people there last night? Demi Lovato, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Osbourne....the list goes on and on! They all looked fab, see for yourself!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 5:21 PM, 07/03/2010
8. Salma Hayek has no excuse for bad clothing, her husband owns luxury clothing brands like Gucci! This dress is so unflattering on her figure and those boots make her look more like a pixie than a stylista! 7. Kara Dioguardi might be a great judge of singing talent on American Idol, but she definitely doesn't have the same skills when it comes to choosing dresses! This dress she wore to the Vera Wang boutique opening in Los Angeles was an awful choice for her! 6. Phoebe Price in another overdone outfit! The purple stripes, the lace stockings, the studded belt and the knee-high boots - its all too much! Its like she read a trend-guide for winter and just put on everthing on the list at once! Fail! 5. Estelle's sparkly blue party dress would have been so much prettier if it was the right size! She is one step away from a wardrobe malfunction in that little dress! 4. We are starting to seriously doubt singer Ciara's sense of style! She hardly ever gets it right on the red carpet lately. We know she is trying to show off that fit body of hers, but there are more flattering ways to do that than this! 3. There is a saying that if you are really beautiful you can ever wear a black bag and look hot! This is not the case for Brooke Shields! She has hidden her curves completely in this black sack dress! 2. We have no idea what went wrong with Mena Suvari this week! As if the badly- fitting pink retro dress wasn't bad enough, What was with this crazy hairdo? Was she trying to make some kind of statement? We really didn't get it! 1. Nobody has been able to top Courtney Love's bad fashion this week! She is still in Europe and doing the Fashion Week front rows. Won't someone please help this woman out! Can't her designer friends help to style her atleast before they let her sit in their shows?
Oh no, this week has been filled with fashion messes again! From Milan Fashion Week to the pre-Oscar parties there has been bad fashion and styling everywhere! We just can't understand what girls like Mena Suvari and Ciara were thinking! Take a look and see!


who wins the worst prize?

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