Sally Field

6 November 1946, Pasadena, California, USA
68 years

Johnny Carson, Burt Reynolds, Kevin Kline, Alan Greisman, Jerry Knight
Sally Field is an American actress. She became known in he 1960s sitcom The Flying Nun and since then is a household name and has won 3 Oscars! She is good friends with actress Goldie Hawn and has a older brother named Richard. Sally Field is recently most known for her part as Nora Walker in the hit tv-series Brothers & Sisters.
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The most memorable acceptance speeches so far!

Sunday 3:36 PM, 27/02/2011
Sally Field spent most of her allotted time on stage telling us she finally felt respected as an actor and how winning her second award felt better than her first. She finished her teary speech line, 'I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!?' The start of James Cameron's speech was nothing but normal. But for some reason James decided it would be a good idea to blurt out the line from his movie ?I?m the king of the world!? followed by a series of whoo-hoos. Plain awkward.. Adrien Brody took the podium by embracing chocked presenter Halle Berry and taking the freedom of planting a wet kiss on her lips! Needless to say both Berry and the audience were left speechless! The ledgend that is Marlon Brando decided that instead of taking the stage to accept his statue he sent up American Indian Rights activist, Sacheen Littlefeather, in his stead. Dressed in traditional Apache clothing, she refused the statue and instead lectured Hollywood on how Native Americans were portrayed in the entertainment industry. Greer Garson holds the longest Oscars speech to date! Another political acceptance speech is that of Michael Moore's. His speech was followed by equal amount of cheers and equal amount of boos. The main part of his speech focused on bashing then-President George W. Bush. Cuba Gooding Jr. will be remembered for one of the happiest winners! His thanks went out to god and his family and couldn't resist yelling, ?I love you? to everyone who had worked on the movie. He received a standing ovation by the crowd! 
Glen Hansard and co-star Markéta Irglová took the stage and both wanted to give their thanks. Unfortunately after Glen had finished his speech the music started and poor Markéta's speech was cut short. However, she did get a second chance as break host Jon Stewart brought her back on to stage. When Roberto Benigni won his award he decided that coming down the aile was not his thing, so instead climbed through the seated  audience?s chairs. As soon as he reached the stage he gave out cries and screams of joy, much like a child! During his infamously-odd speech, Benigni quoted poetry and thanked his parents for 'the biggest gift: poverty.' The best quote however is, 'I am not able to express all my gratitude because now, my body is in tumult because it is a colossal moment of joy. I would like to be Jupiter. And kidnap everybody and lie down in the firmament making love to everyone.' Huh?! Jack Palance is bas-ass! When he won his first award he dropped to the floor and did 4-5 push-ups! This was at the age of 73..!
Not only do actors have to give it their all in movies, with a hope and aim of being nominated and hopefully winning the golden statue. But they th...READ MORE ▶
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Christina Applegate diagnosed with breast cancer!

Sunday 7:02 PM, 03/08/2008
She's definitly one of Hollywoods cutest actresses!
Sad news has reached us and we quote the star's spokesperson: "Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. Benefiting from early detection through a doctor ordered MRI, the cancer is not life threatening." The rep added: "Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery. No further statement will be issued at this time." Last month it was announced that the actress, would participate with Meryl Streep, Sally Field, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron in the Sept. 8 telethon Stand Up to Cancer, to be simultaneously broadcast on CBS, NBC and ABC. The star rose to fame as a teenager on "Married with Children." And is currently playing in another sitcom,"Samantha Who". We she will recover quickly and wish her all the best!
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