Sadie Frost

19 June 1965, London, England
49 years

Jude Law
Sadie Frost is a designer/actress who right now spends most of her time designing for her underwear-brand FrostFrench. Was married to Jude Law and has four children. Best friends with Kate Moss and the godmother of Kates daughter Lila Grace. Vegetarian.

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Flashy couple!

Kelly Osbourne & Luke Worrall - Coolest UK Couple?

Friday 6:24 PM, 26/03/2010
Sadie Frost and Jemima French Jameela Jamil Remi Nicole
Kelly Osbourne and her boyfriend British model Luke Worrall were at the opening of the new Pop Store in London last night. We have to say they are one of our favourite couples. They are so in love but not irritating and all over each other al the time. They both keep their cool and have their own styles that just blend together really well! Check out which other Brit stars were at the party below!
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Latest news!

Jude Law Expecting Baby No.4!

Thursday 1:15 PM, 30/07/2009
Jude loves being a father
Why so secretive?
It has just been announced that Jude Law is going to be a father again. Jude's reps are being secretive about the details though. All they will say is that Jude had a relationship with a woman last year who is now expecting his baby this coming fall. Jude isn't with the woman anymore, but promises to take full responsibility and wants to be apart of his child's life. Jude already has 3 children with his ex-wife Sadie Frost, Rafferty, 12, Iris, 8, and Rudy, 6. We are dying to know who this mystery woman is who is carrying Jude's child! Watch this space for more.(Source: USWeekly)
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Who is Sadie's Mystery Man?

Thursday 8:53 PM, 02/04/2009
The new man in Sadie's life?
Interesting outfit! Getting intimate? Who is he?
Ever since her divorce from actor Jude Law, Sadie Frost has been dating a string of younger men. We spotted her yesterday having a quiet lunch with quite a dishy older man. Could this be the right man for Sadie? We can't wait to find out!
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What's wrong?

Has Kate Moss Quit Modelling For Good?

Monday 11:48 PM, 02/03/2009
Has Kate Moss Quit Modelling For Good?
Tummy + saddlebags! What will she do now?
Aging supermodel Kate Moss swears she is not pregnant and she is still drinking, smoking and partying so hopefully she really isn't! By the looks of her expanding waisteline it really seems that Kate Moss has moved on from modelling completely now, she looks bigger than Sadie Frost in these pictures!
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Sadie Frost Locked Out!

Wednesday 10:52 PM, 11/02/2009
Sadie Frost Locked Out!
Whooops! Everybody needs good neighbours! Looks like the play has a Madonna theme
Sadie Frost was so busy partying after the opening night of her new play "Touched for the Very First Time" she forgot to pack her house keys. As the actress arrived home she realised she couldn't get inside. After a panicked call on her cellphone, she hid out at a neighbours until a taxi arrived with the keys! Interesting that she remembered the flowers...

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Kate Moss spends loads of money on her boyfriend!

Thursday 9:23 AM, 25/12/2008
Kate Moss threw a £100.000 birthday bash for her boyfriend Jamie Hince recently since he turned 40 last week, according to Now Magazine. Andy Warhol was the theme through out the party and the model even arranged Banksy to make him a special painting. Celebrity friends such as Sadie Frost, Rhys Ifans, Jason Donovan and Bobby Gillespie were all invited and very pleased to come.
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