Ryan Phillippe

10 September 1974, New Castle, Delaware, USA
40 years

Heather Graham, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Abbie Cornish, Nikki Reed, Lindsay Lohan
Actor Ryan Phillippe grew up with three sisters. Played a homosexual teeanger on a soap opera when he was younger. Has two children with Reese Witherspoon. Turned down the party of Anakin Skywalker. Big fan of Frank Sinatra.
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Ryan Phillippe's Lifelong Struggle Against Depression!

Tuesday 10:04 AM, 03/03/2015
In an interview with Elle, Ryan Phillippe reveals that he's been struggling with depression throughout his entire life.

Phillippe says...READ MORE ▶
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Wonder Who Ryan Phillippe Voted For...

Wednesday 10:46 PM, 07/11/2012
We spotted Mr. Good looking, Ryan Phillippe, with his son Deacon on a sunny walk to the voting booth in West Hollywood yesterday. We just love how cute they look and how handsome Ryan is! And yea, good thing he voted - do you think he voted Obama just like almost all other stars in Hollywood?
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