Ryan Gosling

12 November 1980, London, Ontario, Canada
34 years

Rachel McAdams
Actor Ryan Gosling was born in Canada, but moved to Los Angeles when he was 16. In school he had the nickname Troble. He had his breakthrough as an actor in Mickey Mouse Club. Since then he's been in movies like Murder by Numbers and The Notebook. He was nominated for an Academy Awards for his role in the movie Half Nelson.
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Hottie Tuesday! We Love Guys With Eyes We're Drowning In!

Tuesday 11:12 PM, 24/07/2012
Jake Gyllenhaal is so handsome! Ryan Gosling looks so sad. How can we make you happy? David Beckham looks flirty! Swedish Alexander Skarsgard is our ideal man. We love him! What a cute smile, Chace Crawford! We love Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass! We've been in love with Ian Somerhalder ever since we saw him in "Lost". Ryan Reynolds, such a man! Taylor Lautner is so hot!
What day is it today? It's not just Tuesday, it's Hottie Tuesday! Yummy! We've seen ten guys with eyes we're drowning in! So are you in the mood for some eye candy today? Click on the pics and check out our favorite guys like Zac Efron and Alexander Skarsgard right away!
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Hot Guy Friday! All Eyes On... Ryan Gosling!

Friday 12:09 PM, 13/07/2012
Ryan's full name is Ryan Thomas Gosling and he was born in Canada. He's 31 years old- but he still looks awesome! Right now he's dating Eva Mendes. He's not only an actor, he's also a musician and a restaurant owner. He plays in a band called Dead Man's Bones. Lucky Emma Stone, we'd wanna hold him tight too! He's so cute! His upcoming movies are The Gangster Squad, The Place Beyond the Pines and Only God Forgives. He is without a doubt this Friday's hunk!
Have you guys seen The Notebook? If not, you should, if yes- then we guess you're just as in love with Ryan Gosling as we are! We fell for him back then, but our hearts always skips a beat when we see him today too. Such a hottie, so talented! We'd like to call him this Friday's hottie! Click on the pics to read more about this week's eye candy!
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10 Reasons Why We Love The 80's!

Wednesday 3:15 PM, 11/07/2012
Then actor/singer Justin TImberlake arrived in 1981, talking about a star being born! He's got Polish roots but Paul Wesley was born in New Jersey in 1982. Spider-Man 2.0, Andrew Garfield was born in Los Angeles 1983 but grew up in England. Guess if we're jealous of Kirsten Dunst? She gets to date another super hot descendant from the 80's. The gorgeous Garrett Hedlund was born in 1984.  James Franco's younger brother, Dave Franco first saw the world in 1985. The genes in that family... WOW! No 1986, no Robert Pattinson. That's a world we don't even want to imagine! If you like messy hair and deep blue eyes, 1987 should surely be your favorite year of the decade since both Zac Efron and Ed Westwick was born that year. Teen Wolf-star Colton Haynes missed most of the 80's since he was born in the middle of 1988. If the decade started well with Ryan Gosling, it's safe to say that it ended great too! Trouty Mouth, a.k.a, Chord Overstreet was born in 1989!
Apart from some weird hairdos (how could the mullet ever be trendy?) and lack of cell phones, there’s not much you can complain about when it comes to the 80’s. Besides the cool fashion and great music here are 10 more reasons why we love the 80’s so much, from beginning to end!
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Eva Mendes Wants To Marry Ryan Gosling NOW!

Friday 8:07 AM, 15/06/2012
He sure was surprised when his mom and his girlfriend became besties! She wants to be a bride like NOW!
Eva Mendes seems a little sneaky! Eva and Ryan Gosling has been dating for 9 months, and during the last couple of months she's been all about marr...READ MORE ▶
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Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Are Starting A Family!

Friday 5:45 PM, 01/06/2012
"Is that guy becoming a dad...?" "No, OMG, it's me!"
Hollywood celebrities definitely have a huge baby fever right now, and now Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have gotten the baby bug too! Eva is reporte...READ MORE ▶
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Ryan Gosling Saves A Woman's Life!

Thursday 8:39 AM, 05/04/2012
Our hero!
Of course Ryan Gosling is not only the hottest guy ever, but he's also a hero! The other day he was in New York when a woman, Lauren Penny, started...READ MORE ▶
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