Russell Crowe

7 April 1964, Wellington, New Zealand
51 years

Heather Graham, Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Peta Wilson, Danielle Spencer
Australian actor Russell Crowe started acting as a child and later on in life won an Academy Award for his role as Maximus in the movie Gladiator. He was also nominated for A Beautiful Mind and The Insider. Good friends with Jodie Foster and Nicole Kidman. Was planning on donating his brain to research when he dies. Stopped drinking alcohol when his wife, Danielle Spencer, became pregnant.

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Russell Crowe Gets His Hollywood Star!

Tuesday 10:12 AM, 13/04/2010
So proud! Jay Leno, Russell Crowe Ron Howard Russell Crowe, wife Danielle Spencer, sons Charles Spencer Crowe, and Tennyson Spencer Crowe What an honour!
Yesterday was Russell Crowe day in Hollywood! The Aussie actor received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and his star friends Ron Howard and Jay Leno were there to support him and tell funny stories about him! Rusell's wife and kids were there too, looking very proud of their talented man! Congrats Russell!
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Top List: Hottest Men Over 40!

Friday 3:50 PM, 29/01/2010
Johnny Depp Daniel Craig Bruce Willis Mel Gibson Kevin Costner Pierce Brosnan Russell Crowe Viggo Mortensen
Brad Pitt
It's been a real upswing for hot young vampire guys lately. Alexander Skarsgård and Robert Pattinson are just two of the most popular beautiful guys that we like to look at in Hollywood. But isn't there something with this senior good looking men like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis that makes us feel that they are real men? We have found out that there are some real hot men over forty out there and we need your help to find out who is the hottest senior man in Hollywood? Vote and make a comment!


Who is your favourite man?

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Celebrities swap limos for bicycles!

Tuesday 2:30 PM, 14/04/2009
Anna Paquin Billy Zane Harrison Ford Heidi Montag Joe Jonas Kate Beckinsale Matthew McConaughey Miley Cyrus Russell Crowe Sarah Michelle Gellar Spencer Pratt Tori Spelling Tobey Maguire Madonna
We all know Hollywood-celebs are the biggest trendsetters. The latest thing they have picked up is using bicycles instead of their limos and sportcars! Stars such as Matthew McConaughey, Heidi Montag, Agyness Deyn and Madonna all bike it these days. So take a tip from them: now you can be green and get exercise while you're following a hot Hollywood trend!
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Move Over Sienna Miller Cate Blanchett is Better!

Wednesday 10:39 AM, 04/03/2009
As we told you before, there has been some controversy over Sienna's role in the new Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe. First reports came that Sienna was being dropped from the role as Maid Marion for being too skinny, then Russell was told to lose weight. Sienna told everyone she didn't want the role anymore as it was getting smaller and smaller in re-writes and that she was too young and pretty to play next to Crowe! Now the truth is out! Cate Blanchett will be replacing Miller in the part! Cate is not that much younger, uglier or fatter than Sienna now is she?
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Russell Crowe works off the Weight!

Friday 7:37 AM, 30/01/2009
Russell Crowe works off the Weight!
Gladiator star Russell Crowe has been told by director Ridley Scott to shed his extra pounds before he plays the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Robin Hood movie Nottingham. Filming is starting in March. Go for it Russell, we like you much better toned!
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Sienna too skinny to play in new movie!

Tuesday 2:59 PM, 13/01/2009
Little star tattoos too!
Am I too thin? I don't think so!
The Factory Girl actress Sienna Miller was supposed to play Maid Marian a new movie about Robin Hood, with Russell Crowe called Nottingham. But According to reports she was fired from the movie because she is too thin to play next Russel Crowe. He hasn?t lost the weight he gained to play in his last movie Body of Lies. A source told the Daily Telegraph that Crowe was afraid that the love scenes between the two of them would be laughable. Shocking! Here is a peek at Body of Lies with Russel Crowe:


Do you think Sienna is too skinny?

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