Russell Brand: "Isabella Brewster Is My Girlfriend"

Russell Brand arrives at LAX airport dressed in ripped jeans and a sweater
So it is true! Russell Brand has moved on from ex-wiffey Katy Perry and is now in lurve with Brazillian-American beauty Isabella Brewster! As Katy and Russells divorce was finalized on Monday, Russell took the opportunity to speak about his new girlfriend on The Howard Stern Radio Show: "Everything in the magazines is not true, but that is!" Aww how sweet!

When asked about his relationship to Kary, Russell said: "She is a good person. I feel nothing but love for her. I did not want to do anything to hurt her. She is a young woman, sensitive, and I care about her." Russell's new love, Isabella, is the sister of Dallas-actress Jordana Brewster. We are glad he has found happiness again! (source: aftonbladet)
Russell Brand
Russell Brand at the premiere of Rock Of Ages at Odeon, Leicester Square, London, England- 10.06.12
Russell Brand
Russell Brand
Russell Brand
Published Jul 20 2012 4:14 PM
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